The image shows a living room with a light colored wooden slat wall on the far back wall. There is a gray couch along the left wall, with a light colored wooden end table next to it. A woven basket sits on the floor next to the end table. On the right side of the image is a light colored wooden armchair with a brown leather cushion. A small round coffee table sits in the center of the room, in front of the couch. A black lamp with a white shade sits on the coffee table.

New wood panels are stronger, more versatile and cost effective

Naturewall, the UK’s largest manufacturer of contemporary wall panels, has unveiled the next-generation of its SlatWall wood panels, which is stronger and more versatile than its predecessor.

The new Slatwall uses the same premium quality materials as the outgoing version, but thanks to a unique manufacturing process at the firm’s UK plant, it is more efficient to produce – and these savings will be passed on to the consumer.

Unlike its competitors, the new and improved SlatWall is secured with extra strong adhesive, not staples, which means panels can be cut to shape and used in the most difficult spaces.

Philip Brown, Co-Founder and Commercial Director at Naturewall, said: “Walls come in all shapes and sizes, often with fixtures to consider – from door frames and sloped angles to skirting boards, sockets and switches.

“Our new and improved SlatWall panels can handle them all. Customers can cut them however they need to fit their wall’s dimensions.

“This new bonding method improves the panelling’s stability, offering easier installation, enhanced durability, and, overall, better quality.

“In order to make this happen, we’ve significantly invested in our UK production facilities and streamlined the process to bring Britain’s best SlatWall to the market. It’s been months in the making, with countless rounds of testing to get the product just right.”

Like the previous version, Naturewall’s SlatWall will help homeowners inject natural texture and minimalist vibes into their home to create a Scandi-style space that oozes laid-back luxe.

The new SlatWall is available across all sizes of panelling, including the standard 2.4m and 3m sizes. It is also available in Midi (1.2m), Mini (600mmx600mm) and Grand. It is available in eight finishes: Washed Oak, Natural Oak, Natural Oak and Black, Walnut, Deep Walnut, Grey Oak, Smoked Oak and Charcoal.

Boards are available in both non-oiled and oiled finishes. While the non-oiled boards offers a more rustic finish, oiled boards are given a nourishing treatment which offers richer colours and subtle sheen, which accentuates the wood’s natural grain.

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