The image shows a modern bathroom setting with a focal point on a standalone bathtub. The bathtub is white with a smooth, curved design, likely made of acrylic or porcelain, and it's positioned in the center of the room. Behind the tub, there is a section of the wall decorated with blue and white patterned tiles that add a traditional and somewhat Mediterranean touch to the space. The floor is adorned with matching tiles, creating a cohesive and vibrant aesthetic. To the left of the tub, there's a wooden stool that holds a dispenser bottle, possibly soap or lotion. Above the bathtub, a wooden shelf stretches across the wall, holding neatly stacked towels and some bathroom essentials in a wicker basket. On the right side, there is a green plant that introduces a natural element and a pop of color to the scene. The overall look of the bathroom is clean, serene, and stylish, with a blend of modern fixtures and classic decorative tiles

Independent tile retailer Porcelain Superstore has launched a new tile channelling the chicness of the Balearics.

With its broody blue and off-white colour scheme, intricate detailing and hand-crafted feel, Mallorca Diamond wouldn’t look out of place in Palma’s scenic old town. Instead, homeowners can now bring Majorca’s laid-back luxe to their own kitchens and bathrooms.

a decorative tile, likely a porcelain tile, featuring a symmetrical pattern. The design includes diamond shapes and floral elements, with a color palette primarily in shades of blue on a white background. It's reminiscent of traditional ceramic styles that one might find in regions with a rich history in tile art, such as the Mediterranean. This style is often used for both wall and floor decoration in various settings, adding an elegant and timeless touch to the interior design.
Mallorca Diamond Patterned Tiles from Porcelain Superstore

Abbas Youssefi, Founder of Porcelain Superstore, said: “The pretty blue-and-white colouring and hand-painted style of Mallorca Diamond will instantly transport you to a world of warm sunshine, shimmering seas and lazy days spent relaxing at beautiful fincas.

“It has a stunning Mediterranean feel that brings with it the relaxed vibe of our favourite island. But, unlike authentic centuries old tiles, Mallorca Diamond is robust and durable, and is perfect for busy family homes.”

Crafted from porcelain, Mallorca Diamond has a matt finish offering a subtle shimmer. It is suitable for use on both walls and floors and will bring a touch of Spanish enchantment wherever it is placed.

Abbas added: “If it’s unique you’re after, then Mallorca will certainly float your boat. The repeating pattern is simple yet striking, with delicate motifs dancing across the tiles. The overall effect is sunny sophistication – these are the kind of tiles designed to gather plenty of admiring compliments.

“As you’d expect, the pretty design is well-suited to decorative schemes, from maximalist kitchens to splashbacks that sing. However, it can also be used to add charm to more minimal interiors, where the pattern will lift the spirits without overwhelming the space.

“And that’s not all. Because the tiles are made from quality porcelain, they can be laid over splashbacks and bathroom walls, as well as more demanding environments such as hallways, kitchen floors and even outdoor paths.”

Mallorca Diamond is the latest launch from Manchester-based Porcelain Superstore, which was founded by three brothers.

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