A person reads a magazine at a table. It is an indoor space with a contemporary design, characterized by a slatted wall panelling in the background which adds a textured look to the room. On the table, there's a cup of what might be coffee or tea, a glass of water, and a closed book or journal with a pen on top,

New paintable version of SlatWall revealed

SlatWall experts Naturewall are making it easier for homeowners to put their own stamp on their properties with a paintable version of their signature slatted wall panels.

SlatWall MDF has all the contemporary charm of Naturewall’s classic SlatWall but is unpainted, meaning homeowners can customise it to fit in with the rest of their décor.

Unlike traditional SlatWall, which offers natural tones and textures to give homes a biophilic feel, SlatWall MDF is made from Hidrofugo MDF which has been specially selected to allow homeowners to paint it.

What’s more, Hidrofugo MDF is suitable for use in all rooms of the home, including humid spaces.

Olivia Crosher, Designer and Visual Stylist for Naturewall, said: “The beauty of SlatWall MDF is its versatility.

“They allow homeowners to create an interior that reflects their own style, whether that’s classic neutrals or bold, maximalist colour schemes. You decide the rules – it’s your walls, your way.”

Naturewall is the only UK manufacturer of SlatWall, with products crafted in-house across their sites in Yorkshire.

Slatted wooden wall panels have surged in popularity recently due to their versatile aesthetic and functional benefits. Offering a blend of modern sophistication and rustic charm, they infuse spaces with warmth and texture, complementing various interior styles from Scandinavian to industrial.

Their modular design allows for customization, enabling homeowners to create unique patterns and configurations, enhancing room ambiance. Environmentally friendly and durable, wooden slatted walls appeal to eco-conscious consumers seeking sustainable design solutions.

Available in two sizes, 1.2m and 2.4m, SlatWall MDF is crafted at Naturewall’s workshop in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Coordinating trim is also available for the 1.2m panels.

Founded in 2018, Naturewall has quickly become the UK’s largest SlatWall manufacturer, renowned for its innovative products and commitment to quality.

Their extensive range, encompassing SlatWall panels, self-adhesive planks, and sustainable cork tiles, caters to diverse design aesthetics and functional needs.

SlatWall MDF starts at £59.99 for 1.2m panels and is available now from naturewall.com

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