The latest interior decor style on Tiktok, Mob Wife, has apparently led to rising demand demand for ‘leopard print’ sofas, with searches up by 9,200%, as people try to replicate the growing trend.

Coinciding with the launch of the Netflix series ‘Griselda’, the Mob Wife trend has become the biggest inspiration for beauty, fashion and now interior design of 2024 so far. The trend is growing in popularity by the day, with over 17.8 thousand videos on the video platform TikTok.

Nick Drewe, Trend Expert at Wethrift has shared his insight into the interior trend and guidance on how you can achieve this sought-after look throughout your home.

Trend  Google Search Volume 
Leopard Sofa +9,200%
Tiger Print Bedding +5,400%
Versace Print Fabric +4,200%
Faux-fur Blanket +309%

Source: Wethrift (90 day period)

“As we move away from the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic, that was the underlying inspiration behind many beauty, fashion and interior trends, like ‘latte makeup’, ‘quiet luxury’ and ‘glass skin’ in 2023, we have stepped towards a more maximalist trend, the mob-wife aesthetic.

“The new trend, which surfaced on TikTok following the 25th anniversary of The Sopranos earlier this year, has made waves in the interior space, since the hit drama series, Griselda dropped on Netflix. Many have taken inspiration from the key 1970s and 1980s retro decor, featured within the show, and incorporated aspects throughout their homes.

“Essentially, it’s bold glam. Think faux fur and animal print, from leopard to tiger and even snake skin. To ruby red carpeting and soft furnishings, fringes and tassels and mixed elements and prints from different time periods, and of course, Versace style print.

“After dominating the fashion and beauty space throughout January and up to now, it’s unsurprising to see the aesthetic influencing home decor decisions. Whether it’s bold prints, flashy branded logos or statement furnishing, the trend has inspired demand for products like ‘leopard sofas’, with searches up by a huge 9,200% since November.

“Simply put, the mob wife aesthetic is all about incorporating different prints, textures and shapes throughout your space. Clashing prints are a key characteristic of this trend – any design that takes inspiration from glamour, so think animal and gold prints, mixed with luxe fabrics like velvet, silk, and cashmere, which all showcase sophistication and raw grittiness.

“Maximalist decor is having its moment right now, with searches on Pinterest up by 64% since the start of the new year, as many look for creative and fun ways to add a touch of character and personality to their homes. From bold prints, to bright colours like hot pink, teal green and burnt orange, we are seeing many gravitate towards more bold decor decisions.”