Born from the collaboration of two Wayfair & Houseology senior buyers, this brand commissions artists to create timeless wall hangings and tapestries for the home.

Introducing Galerie Wall Hangings , a freshly curated online boutique that promises to bring an avant-garde touch with wall hangings and tapestries for contemporary interiors. Born from the creative collaboration of 2 Wayfair & Houseology senior buyers and merchandisers, this brand marries unique commissions from artists with forward-thinking aesthetics, delivering a unique collection of wall tapestries and hangings.

Product searches have exploded by more than 400% for this category in 2023 alone.
Galerie Wall Hangings offers more than mere decoration—it commissions artists to work on timeless pieces for the home aside from the usual canvas prints or framed prints. Each wall tapestry and wall hanging piece, printed with care and infused with a story, allows you to express your personal identity with enduring designs. At Galerie, the walls are not just adorned; they converse, creating a dialogue that enriches the space with a fusion of history, artistry, and innovative design. 

For those seeking to decorate their homes with a sense of curated chic, Galerie Wall Hangings is a journey into the art of contemporary living.


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