London-based manufacturer, Metro Wardrobes,  a supplier and installer of fitted wardrobes and storage solutions, is setting itself apart from the competition with a focus on quality, affordability and a unique customer experience. From their state-of-the-art showroom to their smart manufacturing facility, they’ve streamlined their operation to better help their clients achieve the interior spaces they envision.
Metro Wardrobes designs multifunctional bespoke furniture for homes and offices and also offers internal storage solutions like shelves, hanging rails, drawers and shoe racks. Their signature, one-of-a-kind fitted wardrobes are custom-built to help clients maximise their space and introduce luxurious design features to their homes. They offer a wide range of options, including sliding door wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, shaker wardrobes, bedroom furniture and storage solutions for awkward spaces.
The innovative furniture designers take a hands-on approach to their customer experience from concept to completion. Guests of their unique fitted wardrobes showroom can view over 50 displays and experience how Metro Wardrobe’s products look and feel. They’re shown a variety of colours and styles so they can make an informed decision and also get a sense of the quality that goes into the manufacturing process.
”Our vision at Metro Wardrobes is to create furniture that seamlessly complements your unique lifestyle, and our showroom stands as a shining example of that dedication. From innovative designs to premium materials, our showroom showcases the possibilities of how our fitted furniture can transform your space into a haven of elegance and functionality.” – James Brown, Head of Marketing
Metro Wardrobes also offers home design visits, during which their expert consultants measure a customer’s space and provide ideas for smart solutions. They offer free at-home visits to people living up to 40 miles outside of London. Through their website, they offer online booking for a tour of their fitted wardrobes showroom and at-home design visits. Whether a big home or small home, fitted wardrobes suit all those looking to get the most out of their space.
Another feature that sets Metro Wardrobes apart is the competitive timelines they offer for the design, manufacturing and installation of bespoke fitted wardrobes. Much of this is credited to their fully-automated smart factory, which ensures the production process is efficient and timely. Finally, their expert installers take care to ensure furniture is fitted correctly and that the customer is 100% satisfied with the work.
With a focus on quality, affordability and an unbeatable customer experience, the team at Metro Wardrobes is setting a high bar for fitted wardrobes and interior storage solutions. Learn more about their products at
About Metro Wardrobes 
Founded in 2015, London-based Metro Wardrobes designs, manufactures and instals bespoke fitted wardrobes and other home and office storage solutions. They provide a one-stop solution, offering showroom tours, at-home design consultations and high-end installation.

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