Written by Karen Bell, Sales Director at David Salisbury

The clocks have gone forward and British Summer Time is now with us. The days are now significantly longer and when the sun feels like shining, there is some genuine warmth to be felt, at long last.

With the Easter holidays fast approaching and a number of bank holidays thereafter, it is not surprising that this is such a popular time of year to plan home improvement projects.

From simply redecorating a room to more significant tasks, it is common to start thinking about our gardens and outdoor living spaces as well.

If you already own a garden room, or are perhaps thinking of investing in one, here are some straightforward recommendations to help you get the most out of this versatile space during the warmer months ahead.

Time for a spring clean

Modern garden rooms are designed to be used and enjoyed all year round, often laid out as an open plan living space to incorporate a kitchen extension for example. On this basis, the interior will no doubt be cleaned on a regular basis – but, with spring now here, and better weather hopefully forecast, now is the time for a seasonal clean.

Working from the outside in, start by giving your garden room windows and timber framing a thorough clean.  Clean windows, in particular, will instantly give the space a light by allowing a richer flow of natural light.

Be sure to clean the floors, particularly around any higher traffic areas, such as by French or bi-fold doors. Take the opportunity to de-clutter the interior space – this will help to freshen up the living area and make it more pleasant to spend time in.

Check the ventilation

As they are less likely to have been used during the colder months, open all of the windows to allow a burst of fresh air to circulate.

Likewise with any roof vents – open these and allow time for the air to circulate.

Water the plants

If you have plants growing in your orangery, make sure that they are well-watered and fertilised.

Obviously, as the weather gets warmer, they may require more frequent watering.

Add some greenery

If you don’t have any indoor plants in your garden room, why not think about adding some – the more adventurous, the better, and the more you will be in line with current trends.

Plants can help to make your garden room feel more inviting and also help to regulate the temperature, along with a whole lot of benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing.

Choose plants that will thrive indoors such as ferns, succulents, and orchids, to add a vibrant look and feel to the interior of your garden room.

Add comfortable furniture

Finally, make sure your garden room is set up for relaxation and enjoyment.

Consider adding some comfortable seating, to allow you to entertain friends and family.

A modular or corner sofa is a flexible choice, along with a favourite armchair.  Add in some occasional furniture or other surfaces for drinks and snacks.

By following these recommendations, you can create a comfortable and inviting space in your garden room that’s perfect for enjoying the warmer months of the year.

About the author

Karen Bell is Sales Director at David Salisbury, a company manufacturing and installing top of the range hardwood conservatories, garden rooms and orangeries for over 35 years.