They are one of the most unrecognised heroes of the kitchen but the humble bread bin is having its moment in the spotlight thanks to independent online retailer

Designed to keep bread fresh for longer, bread bins are a great investment for those who love their baked goods. And have curated a handpicked collection that will not only keep your crumpets crisp but your worktops chic.


Perfect for a dinner party or breakfast club, the Delara Oval Bread Basket will keep your table clean and tidy by holding messy breadcrumbs. This modern basket is made from chromed stainless steel cage frame and has a cotton fabric insert that has a broad range of modern colours including, Moonbeam, Withered Rose, Rose Dust, Flint Stone, Agave Green, and Magnet. The oval shaped metal frame creates a sense of structure when combined with the cotton insert, this bag can be easily removed for washing. Measuring a height of 9cm, the width of 32cm and depth of 14cm, the Delara Oval Bread Basket will make a splendid addition to any contemporary and modern dining area.

Brendon Haxby, founder of, said: “Bread bins might seem like quite an old-fashioned concept but with the on-going cost of living crisis, food waste is a huge issue. Something as simple as a bread bin will ensure consumers can keep their baked goods fresher for longer.”’s collection of bread bins includes classic designs as well as more modern styles. Each boasts high-quality materials and are designed to last.

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