For anyone planning to give their living area an overhaul, a lamp or lampshade from Driftwood Designs will make so much more than a ‘nice change’.

Like all the homeware in the Driftwood range, the lamps and lampshades feature stunning designs created by Welsh artist and illustrator Lizzie Spikes. These are not your run-of-the-mill living room lamps that you can pick up from every homewares’ store and they will definitely not look the same as all your friends’ (unless they are inspired to follow your example).

Each shade takes one of Lizzie’s beautiful, original designs, which is printed in England and then returned to Aberystwyth in Wales, where they are hand finished to order. Prices start from just £54.

Whether you choose a shade for an existing light fitting or lamp or a completely new lamp, the hand finishing allows for it to be made to fit your requirements. The lamps and shades can be included as part of a whole room overhaul, or simply as a bit of a freshen up. They fit just as well into a cosy cottage sitting room as a grand drawing room.

Plus, as long as you’re not looking for something boringly plain, there is bound to be a design that fits your style, your colour scheme and your personality.

Beach fix:

If you would rather stay at the beach but are obliged to come home, there are some fabulous designs to keep the seaside with you while you relax in the evenings. The Aberystwyth design is a stunning landscape image depicting the home of Driftwood’s first shop, looking from the sea to the promenade with rolling hills and the cliffs in the background. In blues and yellows this is a cheery scene to brighten up your living space.

If you are more a sunset on the beach type, there are also the Sunset Standing Lamp and the Sunset and Starlings Lampshade with blue, purple and orange hews to warm your evenings.

Countryside idylls:

If you like nothing better than observing the changing fauna as you hike through the forests, then the Woodland Seasons Lampshade is probably perfect for you. With soft greens and yellows, and a splash of orange, the scene is reminiscent of walking below the tree canopy and even features some favourite woodland creatures, including foxes, badgers and birds.

If the open countryside is more your cup of tea, the Flowers Lampshade is a neutral white with simple, beautiful blooms. Alternatively, the Swallows Standing Lamp in deep blues and greens and vibrant reds, will mean you have a slice of summer in your living room, even on cold, dark days.

Bold motifs  

Of course, landscapes really are a departure from conventional lamp and lampshade designs, so, if you prefer a more traditional motif, there’s something for you, too.

The Hearty Canlon Lamp and lamp shades are bold, vibrant, and striking, with a simple heart image repeated across the shade in different colours and designs and with varying backgrounds, rather like a vintage quilt, meaning the eye is repeatedly drawn from one heart to the next. The variation in colours means it will fit with almost any decorative theme.

Then there is another traditional motif lampshade but with a surprising subject: Fish. It may sound strange but the differing shades of blue and silver gives this design a definite wow factor!

So, for stylish lighting accessories for your living area, look no further than the stunning designs from Lizzie at Driftwood Designs. And don’t forget to check out the cushion covers which can be mixed and matched with the lamps and shades.

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Driftwood Designs incorporates the work of Welsh artist and illustrator Lizzie Spikes whose passion is creating illustrations that can be translated to homewares, cards, prints and so much more. This means her art can be incorporated into people’s everyday lives in the form of oven gloves, lamp shades, coasters, aprons and even clocks. Lizzie and her business partner Becky Barratt are both native to Wales and they have grown from a home-based business to three shops in Wales. They also they also have an online shop, which is figuratively packed to the rafters with beautiful, accessibly priced products.