Traditional Christmas decorations are set to be the most popular interior design trend this festive season, with shoppers looking for the classic comfort of traditional green, red and gold themes.

In a recent poll of more than 2,000 people, one in five respondents (19%) said they would most likely adopt a traditional festive decor style this year, according to research carried out by Anwyl Homes.

Traditional decor was the most popular choice from respondents who had already decided on their theme, followed by neutral tones, vintage style, quirky ‘elfcore’, royal family-inspired decorations, a rural-influenced ‘cottagecore’ style and natural, sustainable decor.

Gemma Schofield, MD of Lifestyle Interiors and Interior Designer for Anwyl Homes, said: “There is something very classic about a traditional theme for Christmas, especially during uncertain times when people crave the comfort of familiar rituals. The colour combination of bright crimson and dark fir green can create feelings of warmth, security and tranquillity, which explains why this trend is so popular year after year.

“When we’re designing the interiors of new builds, we often use a particular colour palette or tones of colours to help give a premium look and you can apply the same principles to your Christmas decor. For example, if you’re opting for the popular and more traditional festive colours, you could use a neutral tone for the base such as tablecloths, and then add red and green accessories, napkins and candle holders. Add some glamour and sparkle with gold metallic accents too. You could also look beyond the festive aisles in the shops for other items in these colours.

“While many households have selected their theme already, nearly a quarter of survey respondents said they had no particular Christmas decor style in mind. We know from experience that lots of people are daunted by the prospect of decorating for Christmas and are concerned about the cost. However, this need not be the case, as making your home feel festive can be achieved on a budget, with some simple ways to turn your home into a seasonal showstopper.”

Making your home feel festive on a budget:

Make do and mend – Before buying anything new, look at what you already have and consider ways to make it festive. Candles, tealights and fairy lights are one of the most effective ways to bring a Christmassy touch to your home and you’re likely to already have plenty of these in the house. Old baubles that have lost their string can make a great centrepiece when displayed in a large glass bowl, and you can add some battery-powered fairy lights to the bowl to give it an extra sparkle.

Set a budget – Set yourself a budget for new decorations and stick to it. If your allowance is smaller this year, concentrate your efforts on making one room in the home feel extra special, choosing the space where you spend the most time. This should be the focal point for your festive decor, where you can add your tree and lighting, making sure everything follows the same theme. Be sure to check out charity shops for some festive bargains, especially earlier on in the season.

Embrace sustainability – Eco-friendly festive schemes have grown in popularity in recent years, with sustainable decorations offering a stylish and cost-effective way to embrace the holiday season. Natural materials such as foliage, berries, moss and wood are particularly popular for creating festive displays such as wreaths and table centres, and most of the materials can be found in your back garden and foraged for free. If you are looking elsewhere, check responsible foraging guidelines to ensure you are collecting from approved areas. Look for online tutorials on how to bring these elements together to create beautiful displays, with the added benefit of them introducing natural scents to your home this holiday season.

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