Industville has created a unique algorithm to rank the UK’s most popular interior trends for 2022, revealing modern interior design and hybrid Scandi-Japanese style, Japandi, as firm favourites.

Industville, the UK’s leading maker of handcrafted, high-quality, uniquely designed industrial-style lights and furniture, has recently commissioned a study to determine which interior design trends have been the most influential this year.

Data was correlated into a unique ranking metric that determined an overall average ranking of fifteen interior trends. The data, sourced from Google search, Google trends and social media, recorded 56.5 million mentions of Japandi across Instagram and TikTok alone – evidence that the fusion trend is influencing interiors throughout the UK.

Inspired by Industville’s new Chelsea range, the research draws from industrial aesthetics with an innovative modern twist, focusing on elegance and redefined curves. With the notable success of their modern Sleek range, Industville wanted to determine which interior design styles impacted Brit’s purchasing decisions.

The findings determined that Modern Design is the most influential trend of 2022 with almost 5 million Instagram mentions, over 31 million TikTok mentions and 70,000 Google searches.

Industville’s Product Design Lead, comments: 

“Modern design is characterised by monochromatic colour, clean lines, minimalistic functionality and natural materials. These attributes are heavily rooted in German Bauhaus design in the 1920s. This turn-of-the-century movement fundamentally impacts interior design one hundred years later, beautifully elevating various spaces and product design.”

Mara Rypacek, Managing Director at Industville comments:

“When it comes to thinking about our creative strategy for our new products, our process is heavily influenced by historical interior movements that have impacted the interior design styles we know today. Our new Chelsea pendant dome range contains Bauhaus German modern attributes such as clean, functional and industrial materials complete with a smooth finish.”

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