Written by Ellie Granville

I thought our readers may be excited to learn about this start-up that’s already creating the workspaces of the future.

EXPACE is a high-end home office furnishing company which specialises in ‘experimental’ design. They aim to revolutionise our work environments, especially home working spaces – which come on… is way better than that old, cracked desk in the corner of your living room!

This group of Italian architects use different references and gain inspiration from modern music, film and are expressed through colour and textures to create an inviting working environment. Not only does it benefit your mental health, but it also allows you to enjoy the space you’re working in too, which in is a bonus in my book.

EXPACE is aimed primary for home office workers, which during the last two years have become the new normal and want to create a workspace which is harmonious and personal to you rather than just your standard, impersonal, and cold home offices.

Some of their previous work consists of the Pink Wall, Orange Kubrick and Wakanda Black. All inspired by modern music like Madonna and the award-winning film Black Panther.

For any fellow Marvel lovers out there, this one is for you!


EXPACE also offer office design for corporate spaces, which can create a healthier and more productive work environment for a larger group of individuals.

EXPACE start-up is part of the EI (Enry’s Island incubator / accelerator portfolio), which was confirmed N.1 in Italy and 6 in Europe by CrunchBase, the largest database for start-up companies.  Through EI, EXPACE offer NFTs of the furniture “Made in EXPACE” collectable, digital works of art. Also, they produce interiors physically and digitally, so that they are comfortable for the client but personal and branded.

I don’t think I am a material girl, but you never know, maybe I’m like Madonna… or maybe I just want an office inspired by her! I mean who wouldn’t?



If you like the look or want to find out more, please use the link below.

Have a further look into EXPACE, follow the link: https://expace.design

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