Written by Ellie Granville

How can an interior impact your mental health?

Well, it can, let me explain. Having a good mental health allows you to feel normal, to have different experiences and to be able to form a connection with the outdoors and those around you. But that all stems from our surroundings, specifically your home.

A positive mental attitude starts from when you open your eyes in the morning, so why not create your interior spaces in a way that benefits your mood?

Here are 5 easy ways to produce wellness in a space:


Harness Natural light

Firstly, you’ve got to get some natural light in here!

Why is it so dark? Get rid of those big blinds and let the sunlight pour in.

Natural light has many benefits on our mental health, one being Vitamin D. Did you know many people in the UK are vitamin D deficient?

Sunlight produces a positive working experience, especially since we have just got through a pandemic with people still working from home.


Choose Relaxing Colour Tones

Why are colours important? Well, colours have the power to produce positive or negative emotions. Colour is dependent on light and shade, so understanding the direction of light while pairing with a colour is important to gain the full experience from your chosen interior.

Warmer tones include anything from a soft yellow to a rich red, with décor like brass, copper and even gold. Cooler tones are anything from ice white to sky blues and pristine purples. Décor these days can also include silver and black tones.

Where wellbeing is your goal, simple, clean colour palettes like white and beige invoke feelings of space and relaxation, and subtle warm tones are best for uplifting your mood.



If you’re a plant lover like me, you will have at least one indoor plant somewhere in your home. For those who haven’t… maybe it is something to consider? Greenery and indoor planters are some of the simplest and most effective ways to encourage wellness through your interior.

Plants can be used to contrast against lighter colours to make the space more vibrant and inviting. It is known that being surrounded by green helps produce positivity and aids in the relief of stress and anxiety, which we all have way too much of these days!


Textures and materials are so underrated when it comes to mental health.  Many people find comfort in specific textures, such as soft cotton or that fluffy rug your mother bought you last year. Some find peace snuggled up with a warm fleece blanket with a cup of tea, or a glass of wine (whatever your preference). We are all different, but we all associate specific textures to certain moods or emotions. To encourage wellness in an interior you can include positive textures in your choice of soft furnishings – just by choosing the textures you associate with positive emotions.



Sometimes having stuff everywhere can cause and uneasiness and be overwhelming. A way to combat that is to style in a minimalistic way, with less clutter and more open space. Having a less cluttered space can reduce anxiety and hep produce more of a positive outlook on your surroundings.


Bottom line, wellness and wellbeing is a personal choice, but why wouldn’t you make your space happier for you?  These are just a few ways to do it!



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