With the weather warming up, many people will be spending more time in their gardens during the summer months… With this in mind, Paving Superstore has shared 7 tips for bringing your garden to life with colour:

1. Paint or stain your wood items

A great way of adding colour to your garden is to paint or stain your wood items. Most wood items in your garden are usually pre-treated with a wood preserver. It is recommended to retreat the wood every 2-3 years to keep your items in good condition. There is a wide choice of treatment options depending what outcome you would like.

2. Stain garden buildings a new colour

Create a beachside feel with blues and creams and sandy colours or go bolder with stunning yellows or reds. You could always go traditional with pastel shades to look like the building is blending into the flower beds. The only limit is your imagination, but it’s good to know that you are protecting your wood whilst being creative.

 3. Use steel products

Once weathered, steel has a lovely golden rust colour which would look natural in any garden design, complementing many colour palettes.

 4. Incorporate sedum matting on roofs

Covering the roof of your garden building with Sedum matting will not only bring more colour into your garden but help to create another eco system for garden creatures on the unused roof of your building.

 5. Get creative with garden furniture and furnishings

Garden furniture has developed from being just wooden or metal, with fibreglass now being quite popular. This mouldable, strong material has the benefit of being easy to colour. Pick a colour and they can often be made to order, add a contrasting cushion for a quirky design feature.

 6. Consider colourful paving designs

Paving can also add interesting colour designs into your garden. Create a striking patio with a contrasting border or try a mosaic design in the middle of the patio to give an outdoor rug feel to your dining or socialising area.

 7. Buy vibrant plants

When purchasing plants, position the pots of complementary tones together and spend a few moments to see how they feel and whether they have a calming or invigorating feel on your senses and then use this to create areas of your garden with a purpose.

According to recent TikTok hashtag views data, pink, black, and white are amongst the most popular flower colours overall, with red, orange, and purple following close behind… In the last week, pink flowers (+4.65%) and yellow flowers (+3.85%) saw the biggest weekly percentage increases. Looking over the whole month of June, pink flowers (+20.00%) and white flowers (+13.51%) saw the biggest monthly percentage increases.

Georgina Read, Director at Paving Superstore commented:

“With colours affecting your mood, use cooler colours to bring about a sense of calm and warmer, brighter tones to revitalise your mind. The use of colour in the garden could also define different sections – for example, the socialising area could have bold, invigorating colours, whilst you could use a softer pastel palette of colours for a more relaxed cosy calming area.

“When it comes to colouring wood, most stains will protect the wood by penetrating it and, depending on how dry your wood is, will also determine how dark a colour you get from your stain. Dryer wood will draw more in causing a darker version of the colour. Stains will also provide a water repellent quality to the wood, and most wood stains are water based (and therefore much more eco-friendly than paints). Paints will just coat the outside of the wood covering it, without actually protecting the wood – this will then also need removing should you decide to go a different colour in the future”.

More information can be found here: https://www.pavingsuperstore.co.uk/advice-and-guides/post/bring-your-garden-to-life-with-colour


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