Rooflight specialists Duplus collaborated with nine experts to discuss the varied benefits of natural light, including the topics of mental health, productivity, sleep, and skincare, as well as the energy efficiency aspects and interior styling tips. When it came to the interior styling tips, the experts revealed the following tips for homeowners and renters:


1. Decorate with mirrors

Hanging mirrors is one of the most effective ways to create the illusion of more space, and when it comes to mirrors more is definitely more so you can afford to take a maximalist approach. To make the most of your mirrors, the experts suggest placing them directly opposite windows in order to reflect more natural light back into your room – particularly if you are working with a small space.

2. Consider the layout of your furniture

The positioning of your furniture is important too, so altering the layout of your room could offer a simple solution. The experts say to avoid big, boxy furniture that blocks light, mentioning that you can increase natural light by moving furniture away from the window. Instead, choose streamlined, lower-profile furniture that better makes the most of the available space.


3. Opt for a lighter colour palette

Lighter colours help keep a room bright, rather than absorb light which sometimes happens with darker shades. However, the expert suggested not to use brilliant white paint on walls as this can make a space feel cold. Instead, it’s better to use an off-white shade as this will provide a much warmer effect – neutral and earthy tones are a popular choice this season. A pro tip is to opt for gloss over matte paint as the sheen helps to scatter light, making your room feel bigger.

4. Install larger windows and doors, or bi-fold doors and rooflights

Windows (including rooflights) and doors (including bi-fold doors) will naturally allow much more natural light to flood into your home. Gavin Helgeson, Rooflight Division Manager from Duplus, commented that they’ve “seen an increased number of visitors – from new build enquiries to property renovators – looking to improve the lighting and space in their homes. Installing rooflights is an effective way to bring in more daylight, and they also extend your view to the sky, so you get a space that feels both more spacious and brighter. They are also great for installing with a loft conversion to add a lot of natural light to your new room”.

5. Don’t forget about the exterior

The experts recommend homeowners trim any trees, bushes, or climbing plants that are growing around your doors and windows which might be blocking light. Whilst you’re outside, it can also be worth also give your windows a thorough clean to ensure as much light is coming in.

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