5th generation HOBOT LEGEE D8 robot and mop vacuum cleaner now available

Solenco debuts HOBOT LEGEE D8 in the UK with eight cleaning modes, tangless suction, an ECO CompactorTM and its own 4-in-1 cleaning station, the LEGEE-Lulu.

Specialist in air treatment and lifestyle technology Solenco has launched the HOBOT robot vacuum cleaner and mop to the UK market as its exclusive UK distributor. The HOBOT LEGEE D8 with its 4-in-1 Cleaning Station, the LEGEE-Lulu, is redefining the standards of smart cleaning technology, offering unmatched convenience and efficiency for households.

The 5th generation LEGEE D8 keeps floors clean and dust-free with its eight cleaning modes and 5000Pa tangless suction, tackling everything from stains to lint and hair removal. The cleaner can recognise the flooring material and automatically lifts 7mm to glide easily onto carpets, intelligently switching cleaning modes in real-time. Its reciprocating mop has a pressurised wiping force with a platform that scrubs up to 1300 times per minute to clean flooring efficiently, and the robot vacuum cleaner’s ability to collect residual water means it can wipe the floor dry and streak-free.

For the ultimate hands-free experience, the LEGEE D8 integrates five different technologies to plan the best cleaning route and uses advanced AI to recognise and avoid obstacles. It also features an ECO CompactorTM that automatically compresses dirt collected to conserve up to five times its capacity. This enables households to run the D8 for five times longer, minimising maintenance by reducing the need to empty the dustbin so often. The cleaner’s smart D-shaped design and side-brush also ensures thorough cleaning on edges, in corners, and underneath cabinets, curtains and sofa skirts.

The LEGEE-Lulu 4-in-1 Cleaning Station refills, recharges, cleans and dries the D8, making even cleaning the robot completely hassle-free. High-speed dual rollers scrape down dirt efficiently to clean the mop entirely, and heated air blows directly through a specially designed wind tunnel to dry the damp cloth evenly and quickly. The station also features an instant drain system, which means consumers can avoid messy sediment and manual maintenance.

“The HOBOT LEGEE D8 offers an extremely smart and unparalleled cleaning experience for households, with a combination of features that make home cleaning as effortless and energy efficient as possible,” explains Trevor Brewer, Director at Solenco. “With the addition of the LEGEE-Lulu cleaning station, everything to make keeping your home clean as hassle-free as possible has been considered. The HOBOT products have been a huge success in the Australian and South African markets and the LEGEE-D8 was declared a Gold Winner at the A’Design Awards 2023. Good Housekeeping UK has recently reviewed the LEGEE-D8 and gave it their stamp of approval, so we are confident that UK consumers will love it too.”

The LEGEE app is abundant with features to manage the HOBOT LEGEE D8, with highly customisable functions and the opportunity for households to build their own cleaning mode, selecting functions of the cleaner and mop that most suit the requirement or space. The D8 cleaner can store multiple maps for multistorey houses, recognising where it has been placed and cleaning the area with no extra instruction.

Smart features such as the ability to assign virtual barriers to avoid and curtain zones on maps make the D8 a sophisticated addition to a home. Unlike many similar competitive models, all mapping data for the D8 is stored on the device rather than in the cloud for added security. The LEGEE-D8 can store and automatically switch between three sets of Wi-Fi networks, and use Hotspot to connect if Wi-Fi is unavailable.

The HOBOT LEGEE-D8 and LEGEE-Lulu 4-in-1 cleaning station are available on Amazon.

HOBOT LEGEE-D8: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0CGVYKNM1?

HOBOT LEGEE-LULU: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0CGVZCSBQ?

The RRP for the HOBOT LEGEE-D8 is £599

The RRP for the HOBOT LEGEE Lulu is £399

More information available at https://www.solenco.uk/