A cast iron fireplace with a fire burning in the grate. The fireplace is in a traditional living room setting, with an armchair next to it.

Art Nouveau might have its roots in the late 19th century but a new fireplace collection from heating and bathroom specialists Renaissance at Home is putting the movement firmly back in the spotlight in 2024.

Renaissance at Home’s Art Nouveau Collection of fireplaces and fire surrounds puts a 21st century spin on the period classic.

Featuring opulent etching and traditional floral detailing, the fireplaces and surrounds in the Art Nouveau Collection strike an imposing figure, wherever they are used.

Brian Athey, Managing Director of Renaissance at Home, said: “There is nothing subtle about these products. They exude grandness and their timeless appeal commands attention.

“But this collection has more to offer than aesthetics. We have utilised the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure each piece has been crafted to last.”

The collection is made up of 12 pieces and includes two eponymously named fire surrounds and 10 combination fireplaces.

Highlights include the Verona Black Combination Fireplace which has striking coloured artwork framing the fire grate and the achingly elegant Bella Full Polish Combination Fireplace. This beauty has a classic orchid patterning along the frieze and frame and an elegantly detailed canopy.

Brian added: “Art Nouveau fireplaces might seem incredibly traditional, but they complement a variety of design styles. Their biophilic-inspired details can add a touch of softness to a minimalist space, while their inherent opulence can elevate a more traditional setting.

“They also work in contemporary settings, bringing a timeless elegance to emerging trends.”

The Art Nouveau Collection is available now from Renaissance at Home, with prices starting at £585.

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