A large potted plant sits on a patio in front of a grey wooden fence. There are also several other smaller plants next to the large pot

A fence might be one of the most practical aspects of the garden and choosing the right colour to paint it can elevate your entire outdoor space.

And for those considering giving their drab wooden fences a facelift this summer, the experts at exterior wood paint specialists Thorndown are on hand with their top tips for choosing the perfect hue.

Ben Thornborough, Managing Director of Thorndown, said: “Never paint a fence pink – unless, that is, you want a pink fence.


“Some architects and planners might prefer homeowners not to show individualism but we love to make our mark, so if you want to, paint your fence pink.”


But there are some things to take into consideration before you get the paint brush out.


Ben said: “In some areas, there may be conservation or planning restrictions on the colours you can paint your fence, it will be worth finding out if this affects you before starting your makeover.


“And of course, try not to upset your neighbours. It may be worth talking to them and agreeing a colour for a boundary fence and then painting both sides.”


Choosing the right paint colour can elevate your entire garden, and Ben shares industry secrets on how to use paint to make your space feel more expansive.


He said: “To visually extend a boundary, opt for deep and natural colours. A dark grey will also dissolve a boundary and make a great backdrop to highlight plants.


“Shades of blue will make your fencing disappear into the horizon, while greens will help them blend seamlessly into the countryside. Strong, bold colours help boundaries move backwards and make gardens appear larger.


“Painting a garden fence in different shades can be used to help zone the garden. Use light and bright colours to create a dedicated space for entertaining, while more subtle colours will create calming, relaxing areas.”


Exterior wood paint is available now from Thorndown, priced at £22 for 750ml.

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