A Weru UK aluminium entrance door

We discussed the increasing popularity of aluminium entrance doors with Graham Lindsay, Managing Director at Weru UK, and how they can provide a bespoke solution for homeowners wanting to create a truly unique front door.


A Premium Product

No longer an afterthought, front doors are now becoming a key design choice. Many homeowners are now choosing a stylised aluminium door, with unique features such as auto locking, bespoke RAL colour tones and LED lighting. An aluminium entrance door is a high-value item, but buyers are becoming more cautious and realising that the wrong choice could incur the need for replacement in less than 10 years. Those willing to look at the higher end of the market recognise that as well as bringing the wow factor, it is an investment for life. At Weru UK, we are proud to offer a range of aluminium doors that bring stylish kerb appeal along with the unrivalled quality that comes with true German engineering, to make an entrance to be proud of.


Complete Design Freedom

A front door forms the first impression of your home, and an aluminium entrance door will enable you to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Endless customisation options offer the opportunity to create a truly unique and entirely bespoke entrance, ranging from design to colour and finish. Side panels can be built in to incorporate feature glazing, and there are hundreds of different types and sizes of handles to choose from. You can even select your style of door hinges with an aluminium door. At Weru UK, we also offer a huge variety of finishes to make your door individual to you – light or dark colours, stone, iron, slate, wood and more. Corten, which looks like weathered steel, is currently trending.


Strength of Aluminium

Another major selling point of aluminium is that it is inherently strong. It can support large glass panes, facilitating increased natural light while creating a modern aesthetic. You can even choose sandblasted glass with a Weru door, which offers privacy whilst not restricting light penetration into your home.

An aluminium door is very much a door for life. Much thicker than a composite door, our aluminium models can measure up to 10cm thick, providing unmatched strength and robustness. This also allows quadruple glazing to be accommodated, if wanting to incorporate a decorative glass element into their design.


Insulation Properties

A great choice for the energy-savvy, aluminium doors are among the best on the market for their insulation properties. With a strong design appeal and outperformance for durability and strength, Weru aluminium doors feature a high level of thermal efficiency with ThermoPlus insulation. If your door design features decorative glass, Weru’s quadruple glazing will still ensure excellent thermal performance.

The latest building regulations state that the U value for a new build should be 1.2 or lower, whereas Weru’s aluminium doors far exceed these standards, with U values of sub-1.


Security Features and State-of-the-Art Technology

With state-of-the-art technology and quadruple glazing as standard, Weru aluminium entrance doors have a wide range of security features, increasing homeowner’s confidence in the safety of their home.

As well as a deadlock, all Weru doors have AutoLock technology. This means once your door has been pulled to, up to four latch bolts secure the door fully automatically proving highly effective against break-in attempts.

Biometric entry with a finger scan on the door handle is popular with our customers, and with modern technology, it is now even possible to open your front door through a mobile app.

To make sure only light and no unwelcome guests enter, all glazed sections are supplied as standard with ATRIS safety glass on the outside. Any glass within a Weru aluminium entrance door is laminated both on the inside and outside as standard, offering a high level of security protection. A variety of additional features are available such as pry-out guards, a security rosette and a janus security cylinder.

Our ATRIS-life traditional door models allow a property to maintain its traditional integrity, yet enhance the thermal properties and security features of a home. These models combine elegant, timeless shapes with decorative elements. Characteristic features are the glazed sections in the traditional style, as well as the hand-crafted glass art, facets or ornamental mouldings.


Weru UK is based at Amy Johnson Way, Squires Gate, Blackpool and was established more than 38 years ago. The business serves a UK-wide client base with its unrivalled approach to installation and customer service, from its national support centre and impressive 8000sq ft showroom.

For more information about Weru UK, visit https://www.weru.uk/ or call 01253 341444.

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