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Homeowners looking for a bold injection of colour should go blue, according to eco paint experts Victory Colours.

Victoria Yardley, Managing Director of Victory Colours, said: “Blue is more than just a colour, it’s a feeling. And when it comes to home décor, different shades of blue can create a variety of moods, making it a versatile and impactful choice for any room.”

Blue paint, whether used on a single feature wall, all walls or even just the ceiling, has the power to transform a space. From light and airy to dark and dramatic, choosing the right shade of blue can set the perfect tone for the whole home.

Here Vicky picks her favourite shades of blue from Victory Colours’ palette and highlights the feelings they evoke:

Blue Steele No. 116 for Tranquillity

Lighter shades of blue, such as Blue Steele No.116, brings with it a feeling of peace and serenity. Use it to create a calming oasis in living spaces and bedrooms.

Pale Periwinkle No.113 for Spacious Serenity

Looking to make a room feel bigger? Soft blues, like our stunning Pale Periwinkle No.113, can create a feeling of space, opening up the room to make it feel airy and inviting.

Dart Frog No.84 for Dramatic Impact

Don’t be afraid to go bold. Deep brooding blues add drama and sophistication wherever they are used. Ideal for home offices and living spaces, dark blues like Dart Frog No.84, will bring intensity and interest.

Hyacinth Bucket No.112 for Versatility

A stunning mid-blue such as Hyacinth Bucket No.112, works beautifully with many existing decors. From crisp white ceilings to the luscious greens of houseplants, strong, mid-blues will complement a wealth of existing features and are incredibly versatile. Don’t be afraid to embrace statement shades; start small with one feature wall and you’ll soon be craving more…

Midnight Ink No.112 for Impact

Nothing says statement interiors than a strong dark shade, and Midnight Ink No.112 is exactly that. Almost black, this dark shade of blue oozes opulence.

Vicky added: “Midnight Blue is hands down our best-selling colour and there is a definite appetite for brooding interior spaces.”

Like all colours in their collection, Victory Colours’ palette of blues are all water-based, technically excellent paints with almost zero VOCs.


They are available in 2.5-litre and 5-litre tins of emulsion, soft sheen and eggshell. Prices start at £44.95 for a 2.5-litre tin of emulsion.

All are available to buy from Victory Colours.

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