With a studio based in Cobham, Elmbridge is a much sought after property hot spot, with neighbourhood homes regularly selling for millions. In fact, it’s the most expensive place in Surrey to buy a home.

Rosemary Ridgway and Charlotte Small, work across the UK, designing family homes to Chelsea townhouses, beach-front properties in the Isle of Wight and villas in Palma,

Here they outline luxury interior design tips, that don’t always require a full-home total refurbishment – from sea and summer rooms to orangeries and updating your home with natural materials and plants, get ready for entertaining and relaxing.

Sea, Summer Rooms, and Orangeries

The April Hamilton studio created the interior for this luxury English beach house with stunning views of the Isle of Wight. Like an outdoor garden area, the team fused beautiful water-proof textiles by Andrew Martin and indoor-outdoor furniture from Cane Lane, to create a super practical area for entertaining, whilst being suitable for outdoor pursuits.

A Chic Townhouse Project

During the 17th century, wealthy Italians used an orangery, to store exotic plants, like citrus fruits (or oranges). Today, the orangery has become a multi-functional space doubling as a dining room, living room, or home office.

Rosemary commented, “Many of our clients are looking forward to entertaining, dining and relaxing in their very own luscious, open-concept spaces, ranging from gardens to sea rooms and the ever-indulgent orangery.”

Owing to their structural foundation (semi-solid, floor–to-ceiling glass windows), these luxurious structural extensions are best suited for properties that are balanced, symmetrical and offer opportunities for scale or extension. For this reason, bespoke construction and design is paramount and key to creating a balanced exterior look that complements the house’s period and architecture.

The April Hamilton team designed the interior of a gorgeous orangery by Westbury UK. They produce the most stunning projects, including this one which was complete with elegant furnishings, an open plan kitchen, lively, green-upholstered bar stools, visually striking dining area and a tranquil living space.

With plenty of light pouring into the space, they also added accent lighting courtesy of candles and a character-infusing chandelier from Porta Roma.

The effortless combination of traditional windows, sunroof and a large accent-piece mirror brings the outdoors in.

Revitalising Interiors with Plants, Natural Materials and Light

Additionally, and depending on your preference, decorating with natural materials can include a wide range of choice, from flooring to carpets, kitchen countertops and accessories.

Imagine walking into a room with natural, wooden flooring, accented with natural-fibre carpets that add an air of comfort and elegance. Complement this with accessories hand-picked from nature like plants or flowers.

Moreover, plants can instantly liven up the space. Large or small, there’s room for unlimited creativity when decorating with plants. Texture, colour and scale are all elements to consider. Not only do plants add a vibrant element of greenery, it’s also fun to add a pop of colour with cut-flowers like tulips, orchids, or lilies.

Adding Pops of Colour and Florals

Swapping in seasonal accessory detailing, including cushions, throws and textiles, helps to instantly refresh and update and interior space, without having to commit to a major overhaul.

Floral detailing is a glorious way to bring the vibrancy of nature into your home and again adds an instant refresh and look for your home.