Driftwood Designs has announced the launch of two new beautifully-illustrated wall charts, available as high quality prints and as cards. Depicting edible seaweed in one brand new design and Welsh Rivers in the other, they can be bought as fine art prints or gorgeous greetings cards.

Lizzie Spikes, co-founder of Driftwood Designs has drawn strongly on her Welsh heritage in the creation of these two stunning additions to the Driftwood range, enhancing the already plentiful choice of wall charts, which are act as beautifully illustrated guides for identifying different types of flora, fauna and geographical features, including mushrooms and wildflowers, sheep and butterflies, and mountain ranges and sea areas.

So, what’s special about the new designs?

Edible Seaweed

This new illustrated chart was inspired by Lizzie’s childhood beach days, when her father taught her to identify the most common edible Seaweeds that grow between the tide lines on the Welsh coast where she grew up. Set between two illustrative tide lines, the seaweeds are depicted in a way which is both attractive to the eye and informative, showing the seaweeds and the position in which they can be found on the beach. Perfect for the experienced forager as well as the more casual beach body.


Afonydd Cymru / Welsh Rivers

Ask natives and visitors alike what Wales is well known for and the rain is likely to come high up on the list! This rainfall contributes to the extensive network of streams and rivers that carry the waters down to the coast. This new map illustrates the courses of the main rivers from their sources in the hills and mountains to the sea. With the use of the Welsh names for the water courses adding to the illustration’s authenticity, the muted greens and blues are atmospheric, brightened by the labels which resemble old-fashioned luggage tags.


The two new prints are available as greetings cards, Posters and Fine Art Prints. The Fine art prints are high quality reproductions of original paintings by Lizzie Spikes and are printed to order at The National Library in Aberystwyth. Each print is then signed individually by Lizzie, making them extra special. If purchasing framed prints, all frames are solid oak and UK made. The inks used in the printing are light fast, meaning that they don’t fade and can last for 200 years+.

Starting at just £35, this is a wonderfully affordable way to have a beautiful, quality fine art print in your home. And if you’d like to share the images with your friends, then these two stunning new designs are also available as greetings cards, with prices starting at an amazing £2.40.

The full collection can be found here: https://driftwooddesigns.co.uk/product-category/all-prints/fine-art-prints/maps-and-charts-fine-art-prints/

RRP: Cards: £2.40 / Poster Prints £12 / Fine art prints £35 to £68 (with free UK postage).

For the full Driftwood Designs range go to: https://driftwooddesigns.co.uk/


Driftwood Designs incorporates the work of Welsh artist and illustrator Lizzie Spikes whose passion is creating illustrations that can be translated to homewares, cards, prints and so much more. This means her art can be incorporated into people’s everyday lives in the form of oven gloves, lamp shades, coasters, aprons and even clocks. Lizzie and her business partner Becky Barratt are both native to Wales and they have grown from a home-based business to three shops in Wales. They also they also have an online shop, which is figuratively packed to the rafters with beautiful, accessibly priced products.