Choosing a new fire can be really overwhelming, especially with the vast amount of information that is available online. To help you make the right choice, Solution Fires has decided to demystify electric fires and highlight some of the many features and benefits of these amazing products.

No Chimney? No problem!

Electric fireplaces do not require a chimney or ventilation system that would typically be required with other heating appliances. As long as there is an electricity supply, you can install an electric fire almost anywhere in your home. Whilst fireplaces have traditionally been situated in the living room, we are seeing an increasing number of customers taking advantage of the flexibility afforded by an electric fire. Choosing to add a focal point to an open-plan kitchen or create a cosy haven in your bedroom can really enhance the spaces that are important to you and your family.

A Cost-Effective Solution

The cost of running an electric fire will ultimately be determined by how long the fire is on but contrary to belief, electric fires are not expensive to run. Electric fires are 100% efficient, converting all of the energy they draw from your electrical supply into power for the flame effect and heater. Electric fireplaces require much less maintenance than other heating sources, making them a great long term, cost-effective solution. Additionally, Solution Fires use a low-energy LED flame effect to help reduce running costs. The average running cost of a LUX75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 from the Solution Fires range starts from as little as only 3p per hour.

Contemporary or Traditional

Whilst our collection of modern, sleek media wall fires are hugely popular, the Solution Fires range also includes more traditional options such as stoves and inset fires. One of our newest additions is the Blackthorn electric stove which offers a modern take on the traditional log burner, bringing a cosy and warm atmosphere to your living space.

Stone suites are still a popular choice with many customers wanting to retain a classic fireplace style with a traditional mantelpiece. Stone suites featuring electric fires can be tailored to your exact size specifications to guarantee a flawless fit. We offer a choice of three beautiful, natural stones to suit your taste; Aegean Limestone, Corinthian Stone and Portugese Limestone.

Flame Effect Without Heat

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not our electric fires can be used without the heat function. The answer is, yes!

The heat function and flame effect can be used independently or turned off altogether, meaning that you can enjoy your fire throughout the whole year. Not only can you snuggle with a little extra warmth in winter, but in summer your Solution Fire can double up as an attractive lighting feature. With seven preset illumination settings to choose from, it has never been easier to create the perfect ambience regardless of the time of year!

Authentic Impact

If you enjoy the appeal of a roaring fire but aren’t so keen on the level of maintenance required, an electric fire could be the perfect choice for you. With the recent launch of our premium real log fuel bed and our unmatched attention to detail, Solution Fires now offer a more authentic viewing experience than ever before.

Real logs are individually fixed into place and carefully hand-charred by our in-house technician. Combined with our ultra-realistic flame technology and crackling fire audio, the result is a visually stunning effect that is almost indistinguishable from a real wood fire.

For those with curious little ones or playful pets, electric fireplaces are one of the safest options available. With none of the risks associated with open fires, stoves or gas fires, you can relax knowing that your loved ones are safe from harm.

Has your interest been ignited? Browse the Solution range of electric fires on our website or visit your nearest stockist, which you can locate here:

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