The latest series of Bridgerton will stream on Netflix from 16th May and regency-core fever is set to explode as Google searches for ‘Georgian interiors’ have spiked since the full trailer was released in April.

Now, colour experts share the palette to use to embody the glamour and opulence of Bridgerton in your own home.

Ben Brocklesby, Expert at leading aluminium doors and windows manufacturer, Origin, explains: “The Regency era spanned more than 40 years from 1795 to 1837 and is the backdrop of the Bridgerton series. Characterised by rich colours, the Regency years adopted a brighter colour palette compared to the more muted tones of the early Georgian period.

The full colour palette

Golden yellow

(RAL 1004)

Cleanroom white

(RAL 9012)

Pastel green

(RAL 6019)

Signal green

(RAL 6032)

Pastel blue

(RAL 5024)

Beige red

(RAL 3012)

Ochre brown

(RAL 8001)

“A favourite of the Featheringtons, yellow tones were widely popular. Full-bodied ochres have been used since ancient times and during the Regency era were particularly fashionable.

“An off-white grey tone works well with rich colours to invite brightness. The cool undertones also allow the vibrancy of the brighter colours to shine in their truest form.

“Pastels were popular for a softer approach to colour. Greens in particular were often used in dining rooms.

“Where pastels were deemed too soft an approach, full-bodied tones were favoured. When used alongside an off-white grey, the vibrancy of this green can be truly celebrated.

“Blue is the colour most worn by the Bridgerton family, and for good reason. Shades of blue were popular throughout the Georgian period on walls, for furniture, and fabrics too.

Large, luxurious bed in dusky pink brought up to date with a modern light fitting, although a chandelier woould complete the traditional look

“Pinks were used widely, particularly in ladies’ bedrooms and parlour rooms (modern-day living rooms). Dusky tones were preferred for their rich and decadent quality.

“Orange-based browns were a functional choice throughout the 19th Century and even now, it exudes grandeur when used in the home. Opting for a brown with an orange base ensures the colour remains vibrant rather than hollow and cold.

“Using this colour palette in paint, furniture, soft furnishings, or even fixtures like window frames and woodwork can help replicate the decadent Regency look, as seen and loved by Bridgerton viewers. Even if you don’t live in a period property, the colour palette will provide personality and interest if you’re tired of the neutral trend.

“Choosing colours can be overwhelming, so consider using a widely used colour management system such as RAL colours – which is used across Europe. This makes it easier to find the right shade without needing to colour match and is why Origin offers more than 150 RAL colours for its products.”