a modern kitchen and dining area with a minimalist design. The space is dominated by a monochromatic colour scheme, featuring shades of white, black, and gray. A sleek, dark dining table with four matching chairs is placed on the left side of the image, under a simple hanging pendant light. To the right, the kitchen area is equipped with white cabinetry and black countertops. The backsplash consists of white rectangular tiles with dark grouting, and there are various kitchen items like pots, a cutting board, and bottles of oil on the counter. In the centre of the image is a tall, vertical, anthracite-coloured column radiator, and there's a modern dark door in the background on the left. The flooring is a geometric pattern of white and black tiles that complement the overall contemporary aesthetic of the room.

UK Radiators have unveiled their collection of Alpha radiators, designed especially with kitchens in mind.

Vertical and slimline, the Alpha collection balances form and function – exuding style while delivering on the heating front.

Rob Nezard, Managing Director of UK Radiators, said: “The kitchen has become the epicentre of our homes and families, so creating the right atmosphere is more important than ever. And temperature plays a huge role in that.”

The Alpha collection is crafted from steel, which is incredibly efficient when it comes to heat output. What’s more, it is available in white, black, anthracite and raw metal to ensure it will enhance kitchen décor.

Significantly, when it comes to size, the Alpha collection is available in a wealth of options.

Rob said: “Kitchens are notoriously busy rooms. With counters, sinks, cookers and ovens to fit in, it can be easy to forget to pick a spot for your radiator. But you can’t just fling it on any old wall. Where you choose to place your radiator can affect its performance just as much as choosing the wrong heat output.”

For those who want to inject a real sense of style, the Alpha collection offers vertical radiators that command attention.

Rob added: “Choosing a radiator for the kitchen is a daunting task, but this Alpha collection has been created to offer a practical yet beautiful solution.”

There are 35 radiators in the Alpha range, specifically designed to deliver style and heating into the kitchen.

They are available in Anthracite, Black, Raw Metal and White, as well as in gloss, matt or lacquered finishes.

The different widths are also offered in two or three column versions.

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