There is something so fresh about a brand-new home, with crisp, recently painted walls and newly laid down carpets.
It may feel like a large task to update your home’s interior to give it some new life after years of living there, but with a few tweaks you can achieve that new home feel.
In light of New Homes Week, Kate Conrad, the leading interior designer at luxury homeware retailer Madison & Mayfair, shares five tips on how you can update your home to make it feel brand-new.

A coat of paint can instantly transform your space

“A fresh lick of paint will transform your home instantly”, says Kate. “Whether you want to freshen up the current colour and breathe new life into your walls, or you want to change the colour completely, you will notice the brand-new feel it gives”.

“Don’t neglect your furniture”, Kate adds. “Does your coffee table or dining table look a bit dated? It’s nothing that a coat of paint can’t fix.

“You can also make your kitchen feel like new by painting the cabinet doors, completely transforming it with a refreshed, updated design”.

Kate also suggests that your outdoor space is just as important. “Giving your front door a fresh coat of paint would provide a cleaner look to your home and create a strong first impression before people have even walked in”, she says.

Update any room with a new rug.

“If a room feels a little drab or is lacking in style, you can instantly transform it with a rug”, says Kate. “The addition of texture and dimension can offer a new layer of design to a room.
“Whether you decide on something neutral to tie the room together, or a colourful rug to add a statement piece to the room, it will adopt a totally different and new home feel.
“It means through buying just one item, you can change the theme and interior style of a room, offering a more finished look and an updated flair”.

Rearrange your furniture for a new home feel

“You can make a room feel brand-new without having to buy anything at all”, Kate says. “Simply rearrange your furniture and watch as the space transforms.
“We are often victims of feeling like all our furniture must point towards the television, but considering how the space would flow more with conversation and making the most of the space and natural lighting available can achieve a greater outcome”, adds Kate.
“Then, without having spent any money, your space will feel brand-new – and the beauty of it means you can try lots of different layouts and change it back whenever you please”.

Change your decorative accessories

Kate also discusses the importance of decorative accessories in your home. “Easily change a few decorations to alter the interior style of a space”, she says.
“Replace your cushions with more colourful ones, adapt them to the season, or find more contemporary designs, immediately offering an updated theme to the room. It’s a price efficient way to adjust the interior style of a space.
“You can also replace your light fittings”, adds Kate. “Either with more statement styles or modern designs, your home will enjoy that new home feel throughout”.

Buy just one new piece of furniture

“If you’re prepared to splash on a new piece of furniture, just one key item in a room can dramatically give it a refreshed style and make it feel like new.
“Perhaps your living room sofa is a little dated, or your wardrobes don’t suit the intended style of your bedroom. Just one piece of furniture has the power to offer a totally refreshed style to a space, rather than needing to replace multiple items”, says Kate.
“You can even find a piece second-hand to cut costs, but anything to change the space and interior style will offer a new home feel”.