The image features a stylish bathroom with a contemporary design that incorporates brass elements. The focal point is a brushed brass dual fuel towel rail, which stands out against a dark, intricately patterned wallpaper that depicts a lush forest scene with hints of wildlife and florals in deep reds and greens. The shower enclosure showcases a geometric brass frame with clear glass, complementing the towel rail and adding a touch of modern luxury. The vanity unit is a classic dark wood with brass handles, contrasting the white basin above it and the white and black diamond patterned tile floor below. The space is well-lit, and there is a white-framed mirror above the vanity that reflects the natural light coming from the window. The overall aesthetic is one of elegance and warmth, with the brass accents lending a timeless yet trendy feel to the bathroom, exemplifying how brass fixtures can add sophistication to a home.

Consumer interest in brass bathroom fittings reaches all-time high

Consumer interest in brass bathroom fittings is soaring, according to new research from UK Radiators.

Using data from Google, UK Radiators found searches for the term ‘brass radiator’ recently peaked at its highest point ever. Currently, searches are up 28 points from February 2023.

Data from Pinterest also shows searches for “brass fixtures and fittings”, especially for bathrooms, are trending at an all-time high.

Rob Nezard, Managing Director of UK Radiators, said: “Brass adds a touch of warmth, both literally and figuratively and I think homeowners are going to start embracing this more and more.

“The metal can elevate a space, adding instant vintage charm or modern sophistication depending on the setting.”

The news come as UK Radiators launches a range of brass radiators. The Brass Crossmoor collection is available in two finishes, polished and brushed, and a wealth of sizes.

Rob added: “Unlike clinical white or more industrial blacks and greys, a brass radiator will add a gentleness to living spaces.”

The recent trend towards brass in home decor is thought to be connected to a larger movement in interior design that embraces eclecticism and maximalism, celebrating individual tastes and cozy environments.

The variety of finishes available in brass, such as brushed and satin, and even unlacquered options that develop a unique patina over time, have been contributing to its popularity.

UK Radiators’ range of Brass Crossmoors include thermostatic radiators, smart radiators and standard. They are available in a wealth of sizes and prices start from £150. The range is available now from

UK Radiators carried out the research using the Google Trends platform, which takes into account over 3.5 billion searches a day.

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