Act fast on mould to not get hit in the pocket

Staying on top of home maintenance can be an extra burden on everyday life. With children to look after, meals to make, clothes to wash, all this and much more takes up valuable time when you should be relaxing after a busy day. However your health and your finances can be hit hard if you overlook and neglect the early signs of mould, not to mention the significant health impact.

The UK is experiencing a year on year rise in homes requiring treatment for damp and mould with some areas seeing an unprecedented spike in residential properties experiencing this problem. Overall local authorities have seen a huge 66.67% rise in complaints during 2022/23 compared to the year before and housing associations saw a 70.23% increase during the same time period.(* USwitch Mouldy Nation Report.)

The causes vary from older housing stock and poorly ventilated homes to unresolved leaking plumbing.

The impact of mould on health has been widely reported with the NHS spending £1.4bn (**Building research body bre) a year treating illnesses associated with living in cold or damp conditions.

But if you find mould in your home, when and how should you act?


Mould can spread fast, causing expensive structural damage, so start to treat the problem straightaway.  A professional mould removal company will charge you from between  £300-£400 per day to solve the problem and a painter and decorator will cost you another £200-£300 per day to ensure your rooms are permanently mould free. Plumbers prices can vary widely depending on where in the UK you are anywhere up to £500.00 per day.

To effectively remove mould we recommend you use HG mould remover to deal with the issue head on. HG mould remover is affordable and available at many retailers from B&Q, Tesco’s and on Amazon selling from £5.25. HG mould remover eliminates all mould and is suitable for a  wide range of surfaces including plastered walls, tiles, bathroom seals and more. With a targeted spray action HG mould remover is easy to use directly onto mould or mildew in damp areas.

We do have other organic methods to remove mould, check them out here.  But we recommend that you resolve the issue first so as not to jeopardise your home and family. Homeowners are increasingly turning to HG to help them with their mould problems with a 232% increase in EPOS Sales Units 2023 vs 2021.


Prevention is always preferable and once you have solved your damp and mould problems here are some steps you can take to ensure your home is dry and mould free:

  1. open windows regularly
  2. cover pans when you cook
  3. dry clothes outdoors or in a dryer
  4. close internal doors when you cook or shower
  5. use extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom
  6. leave a gap between furniture and external walls
  7. wipe condensation from window sills each morning

If you have any questions on how to treat mould effectively, please check out for further information.