The  length of time it takes to sell a home has fallen by more than a week, according to the latest data.
Despite a cooling housing market, the period it takes to complete a deal in England and Wales is now eight days shorter than it was this time last year.
The waiting times were revealed by GetAgent which monitors the time it takes to sell a home in every region of England & Wales.
The latest GetAgent figures show that in the last six months to October 20203, the average home has taken 218.9 days to sell across England and Wales. This is actually -8.1 days, or -3.6%, quicker than the average of 227 days seen across the six months prior.
Commenting on the data Property expert Jonathan Rolande, said:
“When you have made the decision to sell your home, you want it to be sold quickly. Having it on the market for a long period of time means the inconvenience of more viewings as well as potentially causing problems when you are looking to buy your next home.
Jonathan, founder of House Buy Fast, added: “There’s no guarantees when moving home but by following a few steps can really boost your chances of tying up a deal as quickly as possible.”
Sharing his top five tips for selling your home quickly, Jonathan says:
1.      Consider when you are putting your home on the market. The best month to sell a house quickly is March. In August and December, most people aren’t thinking of moving home but are enjoying summer holidays or Christmas. It also makes a difference when your house gets listed. Make sure your agent gets it visible to buyers early in the week, before Tuesday evening, to give people more time to plan a viewing that weekend.
2.      Spruce up your home to attract buyers. Unless someone is looking for a project (and a bargain) buyers want a house they can live in straight away. Even the best-kept properties show signs of wear and tear, so tidy up the exterior as first impressions matter – to both buyers and valuers. These could be as simple as moving the lawn, cleaning the windows and making sure fences and walls look well maintained.
3.      Sort out the interior. You’re not just selling your house; you’re offering someone a glimpse of their future home. So, get tidying up and decluttering to give the best first impression. Make sure rooms are exhibited to show their best potential, such as a great sitting room for relaxing or a master bedroom which oozes comfort and luxury.
4.      Accentuate the USPs. Remember what attracted you to the property? It’s likely to be the things which will also appeal to others. That also means making it less personal to you and more of a blank canvas someone else can envisage making their own. Conversely, what were the off-putting features? Put mirrors in smaller rooms to make them seem larger and brighter and ensure it’s warm and welcoming.
5.      Get your paperwork in order. So many deals collapse or get held up because of an issue with legals. Ask your solicitor for a list of paperwork on Day One and ensure you have it. If you don’t then dont put off applying for the paperwork you need. Some authorities and organisations have huge backlogs and waiting times so get in as early as you can.
6.      Keys. It sounds obvious but get keys cut for all your doors and windows. I’ve seen property deals held up because a seller isn’t able to provide a key to a back door or a patio door or an outside garage. Set aside a day to make sure you have all your keys sorted. Some properties now have more than a dozen!