During the winter months, it is often a priority to try and save energy where possible, especially when it results in reducing costs.

It may come as a surprise that there are certain interior design tips that can contribute to saving energy within your household, meaning you can combine energy efficiency with a well decorated home – achieving the best of both worlds.

Here on Big Energy Saving Week, Kate Conrad, senior interior designer at luxury homeware retailer Madison & Mayfair, sheds light on what tricks you can use to improve and reduce your energy consumption.


Wall Colour Matters

Kate says: “As such a prominent feature in your home, your walls play a vital part in controlling the lighting and warmth of a room. It can be highly beneficial to utilise lighter paint colours on your ceiling, lowering the amount of light and heat absorbed in an unused portion of the space.  Then, use bolder, darker colours on your walls because they’re more capable of maintaining heat, which can ensure the used space retains heat more efficiently”.


Pay Attention to Your Flooring

Kate says: “Like your walls, your flooring plays a vital role in how a room locks in warmth. If you don’t have carpet, thick rugs are perfect for absorbing heat into a room, ideal for creating a focal point and adding texture without looking like a functional piece of decor. With so many options available, you can easily find an affordable rug that compliments your decor and style, whether you want it to stand out or sit neutrally amongst your furniture.”


Cut Out Draughts

Kate says: “Draughts can really set off a cooler feeling in your home, making you want to turn up the heating when you might not have to. Windows are the worst culprit for heat loss, and installing high-range double glazing isn’t always the most cost-effective route. Instead, invest in some thermal, heavy-duty curtains to prevent draughts from seeping into your home, and feel free to make a bold choice with an eye-catching pattern or colour palette. Other affordable options are draught excluders, blankets and throws. What make great additions to your decor to add further bursts of colour and texture double up as functional items to fight against the cold winter weather”.

Layout Is Key

Kate says: “When considering the layout of your space, carefully consider where you put your furniture. “You can effectively create a better flow of hot air in your home.  Simply stay away from placing furniture, like sofas, in front of radiators. This blocks the heat and prevents it from quickly and effectively heating up the rest of the room. Sometimes, there might not be enough space to play around with the layout, but a more creatively designed area that makes use of the middle of the room often allows for a more unique, cosy feel.”