WHEN it comes to home décor, incorporating wire elements can offer various benefits, adding a distinctive and modern touch to your living space.

Whether your wired home décor is a sustainable table, a wine rack or a lantern vase, wire home décor items often have a contemporary and stylish appearance.

The clean lines and open designs contribute to a modern look that can complement a variety of interior styles.

Below, Kate Conrad, owner of luxury homeware brand Madison & Mayfair, outlines which wired products are key for your home ahead of an exclusive 25% off sale from the 8th of December.

 “A classic piece of modern décor is the Art Deco Style Wire Table in gold. If you are after something that is trendy and new as well as innovative, this is ideal for your living room or lounge.

“Art Deco wire tables have a compact and streamlined design, making them suitable for various living spaces. The emphasis on efficiency and modernity is reflected in the table’s size as well as the two slanted wired legs.

“Another unique and modern piece of wire ware would be the Art Deco Style Gold Wire Rounded Wine Rack.

“The wine rack is constructed with a wire frame structure, providing an open and airy feel. The use of wire heightens the visual interest of the piece, allowing the bottles to be partially visible, creating a stylish display.

“This impressive piece is not just for decoration. It’s also versatile, accommodating several bottles and contributing to your interior style in many rooms, such as kitchens and dining areas.

“This is the great thing about wire ware, because they are so simple and neat, they give off a clean feel if that makes sense, and all living areas need an aspect of that I feel.

“Another timeless piece that can also contribute to your kitchen would be the Art Deco Style Large Wire Bowl. This remodelled fruit bowl provides a sense of lightness and transparency as its open design allows for visibility through the bowl’s structure, adding a modern touch to its appearance.

“If you are looking to focus on ambiance, an Art Deco Style Large Round Wire Vase Lantern is a unique aspect of this as its wire frame allows the light to shine through, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in the surrounding space.

“Being one of Madison and Mayfair’s signature collections, the gold-wired vase lantern not only can be used as a functional lantern, but also as a decorative piece in many rooms or hallways.


“The Gold Wavy Wire Coffee Table with Glass Top is highly likely to be the main focal point of your living room as the exclusive wire frame, luxurious gold finish, and elegant glass tabletop combine to create a piece that not only serves as a practical piece of furniture but adds a statement to your living room.

“The coffee table is crowned with a glass tabletop which not only allows the intricate wavy design of the base to be fully appreciated but also creates a sense of openness in the overall appearance of the table.”

Kate Conrad was speaking ahead of the 25% wire ware sale. For more information, please visit www.madisonandmayfair.com


Image credits: https://madisonandmayfair.com/