As this winter’s fuel bills are predicted to spike again, cast iron radiator experts Paladin Radiators have taken a dive into what are the UK’s coldest cities on average and how much energy is likely to cost you there. 

Taking a combination of city size, gas and electric prices and average temperatures, Paladin has been able to create a metric to show the best places to live if you want to cope best with the coldest temperatures for the best possible energy price. 

Here’s the top 20 in full:

  1. Leeds and Glasgow (tied) 
  2. Manchester 
  3. Middlesbrough 
  4. Edinburgh 
  5. Birmingham 
  6. Stoke-On-Trent 
  7. Belfast 
  8. Bournemouth/Poole 
  9. Reading 
  10. Leicester 
  11. Coventry
  12. Newcastle and Sunderland (tied) 
  13. Sheffield 
  14. Brighton 
  15. Cardiff 
  16. Liverpool 
  17. London
  18. Southampton/Portsmouth

Paladin Radiator’s Jon Walker, said: “With the wild fluctuations in weather patterns in recent years, it is becoming clear that while we are enjoying long, hot summers, we also need to think about how much of an effect cold winters are having and how best to cope.” 

“Our research here shows that while areas like Leeds, Glasgow and Middlesbrough might well be very cold, the cost of energy remains lower when compared with other cities and regions. This is why we always advocate using environmentally friendly cast iron radiators to our customers.”

“The benefits are many, but the fact that cast iron radiators retain their heat is a reason many people enjoy having them in their homes.” 

Benefits of Cast Iron Radiators 

Durability: Cast iron radiators are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They can operate in a wide range of temperatures and have an extremely long service life. 

Heat Retention: Cast iron has excellent heat retention properties, which means it can continue to emit heat as the room reaches temperature and the TRV (when fitted) is reducing the heated flow of water. This helps maintain a more consistent and comfortable temperature in a room.

Efficiency: Cast iron radiators, provide the best possible output from their large heating surface areas and work well with lower temperature systems (heat pumps etc.) 

Low Maintenance: Cast iron radiators are low maintenance. They only require periodic cleaning to preserve their unique appearance. 

Energy Efficiency: Cast iron radiators help with energy-efficiency as they can comfortably operate with lower water temperatures while still providing effective heating. This can lead to energy savings and reduced heating bills. 

Environmental Benefits: Cast iron is a recyclable material, and many cast iron radiators are made from recycled cast iron this along with their extended lifetime help these radiators contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly heating system. 

Customisation: Cast iron radiators come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to choose the right one for your space and design preferences. Some companies also offer customisation options, so you can have a radiator that fits your exact specifications. 

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