The period between Christmas and New Year for many is a time to wind down and relax, so naturally the last thing on our agenda is scheduling a deep clean.

With that being said however, the aftermath of Christmas hosting will have undoubtedly left many of our homes in need of some serious TLC, and if New Year celebrations are set to also be hosted at home, a spruce-up is likely necessary!

Jennifer Sharpe, Chief Fragrance Officer at Fabulosa shares her top cleaning tips to tide your home over to the New Year!


Address your oven

“If you’re taking this lull period to relax, you might not want to tackle a deep clean of your oven, but addressing the exterior goes a long way to obtaining a clean and tidy looking kitchen,” says Jennifer.

“My current go-to product for a quick fix is Fabulosa’s Bicarb Spray, as it works its magic in no time at all! Spritz the product directly onto your oven or stove, leave to sit for 5 minutes, then simply wipe the surface down with a damp cloth to reveal a spotless shine!”


Tackle the bins

Jennifer comments, “The manic of Christmas dinner prep tends to involve plenty of spillage and will undoubtedly leave kitchen bins in need of some attention.

“When wishing to mask unpleasant smells in between thorough cleans, I recommend Fabulosa’s Bin Freshener, which absorbs liquids and eliminates odours. To use, shake approximately 10g over the contents of your bin when full, or into a fresh bin bag once emptied.

“For another layer of scent security, you can even opt for Scented Bin Bags, which are available in a range of delightful fragrances, including Lemon Lavender, Lilac Vista, and seasonally-appropriate Winter Angel!”

Freshen your flooring

“After hosting your loved ones over the Christmas period, the countless number of shoes traipsing in and out will almost certainly have the downstairs floors in your home calling out for a clean.

“When dealing with hard floors, start by sweeping with a broom to pick up all the Christmas decoration debris. After sweeping, use a hoover to get the fine dust and dirt. Follow it up with a thorough mopping to get rid of dirt and grime.

“For best results when mopping, I recommend using a task-specific cleaner such as Fabulosa’s Floor Cleaner, which is now available to shop in Fabulosa’s trending fragrance, Winter Angel.

“Dilute 2 capfuls of floor cleaner in 5L of water, and begin mopping with the solution to lift stubborn dirt and grime. You’ll be left with gleaming floors and a delightful lingering fragrance!”

“When it comes to carpets, vacuuming frequently ensures your home is dust, dirt, and debris free. However, Fabulosa’s Foam Freshener is great to use in between – especially during the colder months when windows aren’t opened as frequently, as this product eliminates odours and leaves a lovely fresh, clean smell.”

Jennifer suggests shaking the can well before applying. “Hold the can about 15 inches (38cm) away from the carpet or rug you are applying it to, then press the tab firmly to apply an even and light covering of the foam. I love this product as it dries very quickly into the fabric, leaving no mess behind.”

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