When it comes to selecting the tiles for your renovation project, it is imperative to carefully consider your choice as with many modern materials now offering a lifetime of durability, you will be laying the foundations to suit your evolving tastes.

With so many new trends emerging from statement splashbacks to neutral colour drenching, it can be hard to know where to begin when choosing the perfect design that you’ll continue to love years down the line.

Leigh Price, Co-Director of Real Stone, Tile & Bathroom shares his expert insight into the latest tile trends to spark your imagination for your latest project!


2024 Tiling Predictions 

Over the last few years, we have seen many homeowners start to ditch intricate mosaic patterns in their bathrooms, and instead opt for large format tiles when renovating.

One of the reasons for this is that large format tiles can provide a full ‘wall covering’ effect, meaning there are far less visible grout lines than there would be when opting for a smaller tile. This not only creates a completely seamless finish, but also means far less upkeep, and makes it much easier to clean.

Another highly popular choice among our customers when renovating their bathrooms is to add an eye-catching feature wall. With so many bold patterned, large format tiles now on the market, you can easily create just as much of a wow-factor effect as you would have with a delicate mosaic.

Grout Colours

Nowadays there is a lot more choice available when it comes to selecting the right grout shade for your project, making it far easier for customers to achieve the appearance of having no grout lines at all! 

We are proud to stock 50 shades of grout which cover the entire colour spectrum, meaning that customers can work with a tiling professional to choose the least detectable shade of grout to match their tile.


Have you noticed any additional trends in terms of sales/orders to date?

We have noticed that many homeowners are now taking inspiration from the layouts of houses in warmer climates, which are typically open plan, and often feature bi-folding garden doors that can be flung open to utilise the feeling of indoor-outdoor living.

As a result of this, we have seen that many customers are now choosing one tile to cover their entire downstairs floor & patio area, creating a seamless run that flows from one space to another.

In addition to this, we have also seen a huge upturn in outdoor kitchen and bar areas being included in exterior projects, which indicates that many of us are keen to relish our time outdoors.

When choosing a tile that can be used both indoors and out, it is important to ask your tiler if there are thicker slab options available. For example, our X20 outdoor tile range comes in a durable 20mm thickness, and has been specially manufactured to withstand extreme wear and tear which is vital when dealing with our sadly unpredictable weather conditions. 


Tiling Other Areas of the Home

Whereas previously many homes were sectioned off into designated areas for cooking, dining and lounging, in recent years, there has been a surge in homeowners who are now rethinking their floorplans, and opting instead for an open plan living space.

What would have simply been the kitchen in the past is now the social hub of the home, and often features an adjoining dining space and TV area. Often the same tile is used throughout, across a far larger area than before.

For this reason, customers are now purchasing much larger quantities of the same tile to cover their living area, and are tending to opt for neutral tones that will assist in brightening and opening up the home.


Renovating Sustainably

Energy and water conservation are things we may not have thought so consciously about in previous years, but with the increasing climate crisis, combined with soaring living costs, eco-conscious renovation planning is certainly gaining momentum. 

Homeowners are far more motivated than ever to find efficient solutions for preserving water and energy – both to protect the environment and minimise rapidly increasing bills, but what people don’t always know is that their choice of bathroom fixtures can have a great impact on this. 

Leading brassware brands are now incorporating innovative technology into their designs, with features such as flow regulators, ecoturn systems, and air-injected showers and mixers, which have been designed to protect the environment and its resources without you noticing a difference in your bathing experience.


Top Tips for Choosing Tiles

My first tip would be to make sure you pick a tile that is scaled proportionately to the size of your room. 

For smaller rooms such as the downstairs bathroom/cloakroom area, large format tiles aren’t normally a good option, as restricted wall dimensions tend to mean you’ll be left with one or more awkwardly cut tiles that throw off the seamless finish of your interior. Planning your measurements before you choose your tiles will avoid unpleasant asymmetry, and ensure the pattern on your wall remains balanced.

Secondly, it is important to consider the orientation that you choose to lay your tile in. 

When using plain tiles that don’t follow a pattern, one way to create a unique effect is by opting against the traditional horizontal style of tile laying, and experimenting with your tile pattern.

A popular example of this is the herringbone lay, which is commonly used with wood-effect tiles to elevate their appearance, creating a feature that is far more eye-catching.

Lastly, always make sure that your supplier has a backup stock of your tiles available, as the last thing you want to face when renovating is finding yourself short of tiles, and then facing a delay with the completion of your project whilst waiting for more supplies!

Around 50% of orders are either short of tiles, or left with unused ones, so it’s also worth asking if your supplier will accept returns for any extra tiles that you have remaining.

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