Jennifer Sharpe, Chief Fragrance Officer at Fabulosa, advises on some of the dirtiest areas of the home and how best to clean them!


Washing Machine Detergent Drawer

With frequent use, the detergent drawer of your washing machine is very prone to a build-up of limescale and it’s important that you keep on top of this, because if the detergent isn’t being transferred into the drum properly from the drawer it can hinder the performance and effectiveness of your machine.

Remove the drawer entirely from the machine, and give it a good spray down with Fabulosa’s powerful Limescale Remover to remove limescale and soap scum, and kill 99.9% bacteria. Leave it for a few minutes to do its work, then give it a good wipe down with a damp cloth. Scrub any persisting patches with an old toothbrush, which is also helpful for getting into those hard-to-reach areas.

Door Handles

It’s an obvious one, but door handles are touched every day – usually several times – by everyone in the household. Hotspots for bacteria, handles should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to stop the spread of germs. It’s an easy task that is super quick, and a simple ready-to-use disinfectant spray will do the job perfectly. To fully disinfect the area, leave for five minutes before wiping clean with a damp cloth.


Remote Controls

TV remotes that are touched constantly also tend to accumulate dirt very quickly. Tackle this by spraying a cloth lightly with a multi-purpose antibacterial spray, and wiping down all surfaces of the remote with the cloth. Alternatively, use Fabulosa Antibacterial Wipes which are ideal for any hard surface.

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