Offering affordable luxury with running costs from only 3p per hour, Solution Fires has introduced its latest line of innovation; its brand-new, state-of-the-art range of LUX electric fires!

Featuring Solution Fires’ signature high definition, ultra realistic contoured flame effect technology and crackling fire audio, the LUX range offers an unparalleled authentic experience with the option of a premium, real wood log fuel bed. This not only provides a visually stunning effect, but also makes each model entirely unique. With meticulous attention paid to each and every detail, the real wood logs are fixed in place before being charred by hand, and laid over a bed of natural wood chips. Other ceramic fuel bed options are also available, including woodland effect and silver birch effect logs.

The models in the new range, which are designed to be built in, vary in size to suit every home up to an impressive 2m, including: the LUX75, 100, 125, 150, new LUX175 and the LUX200. Whilst perfect for use with media walls, the fires can also be fitted to make an attractive focal point as a corner, front facing or panoramic appliance.


The LUX range fires also feature a much taller opening than many electric fires, allowing for maximum, enhanced viewing as well as creating a strong appeal for those wishing to create a grand centrepiece.

Cleverly engineered with a highly reflective back screen to produce the illusion of greater depth to the fuel bed and flames, Solution Fires’ LUX models feature a subtle flickering fuel bed effect to set a desirable ambiance.

Unlimited customisation options via smart devices or remote handset mean users can tailor their displays to their individual preference, choosing from three flame speed settings, seven new pre-set illumination themes, and a choice of nine independent fuel, flame and downlight colours which can be adjusted by brightness.

To explore the Solution Fires range or locate your nearest retailer, visit:

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