Leading shower, bathroom and home spa specialists, Steam Shower Store, is celebrating an expansion into the luxury homewares and garden furniture market with a rebrand to reflect the change of direction.  Steam Shower Store plans to continue providing the high-end home spa appliances it has built it’s reputation on, alongside the new range, and both with be sold under the new brand name Poshh.


The early days of Steam Shower Store

The business will continue to be headed by founder Andrew Ellis, who created the business.

The business was formed thanks to Andrew’s love of exercise – Andrew loved his visits to the gym but found fitting in time to follow up with a visit to the steam room or sauna afterwards challenging.  Andrew felt that his busy life would benefit from having decent home-fitness options and decided to source home wellness facilities for his own use – but while putting together a home gym was easy, he found little options on the market for home based wellness facilities, finding few options which could match what he needed at a reasonable price.

While at first, this was a source of frustration, Andrew realised this could also offer an opportunity.

Andrew explains “I founded Steam Shower Store because I saw there was a clear gap in the market.  I thought it was a small gap but still big enough to make a sustainable business.  What I didn’t realize was that more and more people were going to get into fitness and wellness to the point where they were prepared to invest in high-quality home-spa appliances – and my business has soared!”


The effect of the pandemic

When news of COVID19 broke, Andrew Ellis, like many other business owners, was worried and Andrew had resigned himself to putting his business in hibernation – however, he was surprised to find his business busier than ever.  Andrew said:

“With gyms closed, people needed home-based alternatives.  They could get access to their instructors online but they had to provide their own equipment.  More importantly, they also had to organize their own post-workout recovery.

“Even people who weren’t big into fitness suddenly wanted home-spa facilities and I was seeing rising demand from people who used spa treatments to manage chronic health conditions like arthritis or respiratory conditions.  These people really needed proper home-spa appliances and wanted to buy them from a reputable brand they knew they could trust.  The company thrived through the pandemic and has continued to grow. We are now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of home spa equipment.”

Steam Shower Store is now a trusted brand leader, however that growth and expansion has come with it’s own challenges – Andrew is now regularly receiving requests for new products he had not previously carried, such as general bathroom items and even items for other parts of their home and garden.

The rebrand to Poshh

After creating a leading supplier of home-spa appliances, the requests for a wider product range brought new challenges and new opportunities – however, Andrew felt that some of the newer products would not be a good fit for the company’s existing marketing and branding.  Andrew decided that he could best take the business forward in this new direction under a rebrand – the company is therefore rebranding to Poshh.

Andrew explains:

“I decided on the name Poshh because it is short and simple and makes a statement.  Like Steam Shower Store, the Poshh brand is all about delivering high-quality goods at prices real people can afford.  The key difference is that Poshh has goods for all parts of the home and the garden too.

“The new brand will, however, always respect its beginnings and we will continue to lead the way in home-spa appliances.”

For more information, please visit https://steamshowerstore.co.uk/