We love these wall planters from Forest Garden – perfect for apartment living or smaller gardens, this summer’s most versatile garden accessory allows you to create a stylish garden in the smallest of spaces, or to bring a bit of the outdoors, indoors.

Perfect for adding an element of privacy, zoning specific areas or creating a contemporary living plant wall, these multi-purpose beauties are a great addition for gardens of all sizes.

Forest Garden, the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of wooden garden accessories, offer a one-shelf and two-shelf option, with prices starting from just £94.49. Made from pressure treated timber, the contemporary vertical planters can be used on their own or as part of a run, and can play a huge role in redesigning outside areas.

Jenny Davis of Forest Garden said: “How gardens are used is changing and now we are seeing more versatile uses of space, with sections dedicated to growing, entertaining and recreation.

“These wall planters are a fabulous accessory. Not only do they allow spaces to be partitioned but in smaller gardens they are great for creating a living plant wall, bringing greenery to exterior walls.

“In 2023 I expect we are going to see people get really creative making use of every inch of their garden.”

Forest Garden’s Wall Planters are available now with prices starting at £94.49. Each comes with a 15-year guarantee.

For stockists: forestgarden.co.uk

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