As winter quickly arrives, many will now be looking for inexpensive ways to keep the house warm this winter. People in the UK are all looking for ways in which to save money across most areas of their day to day lives, ranging from petrol costs to household bills and much more besides.

Keep the heating costs low and yourself warm this winter with these top tips! From bedding, heating to how to properly insulate your home – find out everything you need to know to keep warm this winter. 


How Can I Stay Warm This Winter?

Here are several ways you can keep warm this winter. As energy bills rise, it is now more important than ever to find efficient ways to keep your house warm. Keep reading to find out some quick and easy ways to keep you and your family warm, while also saving you some money along the way! 

  • Wrap Up Warm 

Dressing in layers will help you keep warm – yet, it is best to layer thin layers rather than wearing one large one. Wearing materials such as fleece, wool or cotton will also help keep your body warmer for longer. If you find you’d like to keep your feet warm this winter, then wear more sock layers when indoors or invest in a cosy pair of slippers. 

  • Invest in Warm Winter Bedding 

Heating your house throughout the night is expensive. That’s why you should consider investing in some warm winter bedding (find out more). For example, goose down duvets and pillows are some of the best on the market for the winter. This is because ‘down’ material is what helps keep geese warm in cold, harsh climates. While these are somewhat an expensive one-off purchase, they’re certainly cost-effective long-term as they’re truly the most warm and durable bedding you can find. 

  • Eat Warm Food & Drinks

Another top tip to keep warm during the cold winter months is to eat well, and eat warm food and drinks. Foods like stews, soups and porridges are not only easy to make, and inexpensive, but also mean you can pack them full of nutrients. You could even buy a slow-cooker to help batch cook, at a lower-cost, these delicious warm meals.  

  • Add Extra Layers 

A warm bed is key to a good night’s sleep during the winter nights. Not only will a warm duvet set help you stay comfortable, but you could even consider adding some extra layers such as with fleece blankets or even an electric blanket. This way, you’ll save money on heating bills. 

  • Rearrange Furniture 

Rearranging the furniture will definitely help keep you and your house warmer. For instance, move any furniture that is obstructing radiators. Keeping beds, sofas and chairs near to, but not blocking, radiators will mean you’ll keep warmer. You could even buy a floating shelf that places directly above a radiator, which helps circulate heat around the room better. 

  • Keep Active 

If you work from home, then it is important to keep yourself active. Every hour, get up and walk around to help circulate your blood better. This way, you’ll also keep warm! Consider some light forms of exercise, such as walking or home workouts like HIIT could also help your health and keep you warm! 

  • Keep the Cold Out 

Make sure to keep your doors and windows shut to prevent any heat escaping from your house. Keep your curtains open until around 3 – 4pm, when the sun sets during winter, to help bring in as much light and warmth as possible during the day. If your house is particularly draughty, then block any keyholes (such as with paper) or even buy some insulating tape. 

  • Check Your Heating

Check your heating, or boiler, to ensure the settings are appropriate and all is working well. Keep your main living area at a temperature of around 18-21°C, this way, you’ll make sure you’re kept warm. 

Why Is It Important to Keep Warm in the Winter? 

Keeping yourself warm is extremely important during the winter. If your body is not kept warm, it increases your chances of getting ill. Sudden temperature changes for your body can result in it losing the ability to combat viruses and infections. Not only this, but keeping warm will mean you’ll feel more comfortable. Especially those working from home, keeping warm will help you concentrate better for longer. 

Beating the cold might seem challenging, but it is definitely possible by following some simple steps and getting your house prepared for the colder winter months!