SIA reports 40% increase in sales

The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) is reporting a 40% increase on sales compared to the same period last year, a trend that the UK trade association says clearly indicates that consumers are taking action to help cushion themselves against spiralling home heating bills.

Data collated from all SIA manufacturing members, which accounts for approximately 75% of total UK stove sales, shows that sales for the second quarter of 2022 (April to June) hit over 35,000 units, compared to just over 25,000 for the same quarter of 2021.*

This increase, in what is typically a quieter sales period for the market, shows that consumers are recognising the benefits of using modern, Ecodesign compliant wood burning stoves to provide home heating.

Chair of the SIA, Andy Hill, comments: “With the cost for heating our homes accounting for the biggest chunk of home energy bills this winter, it is little wonder consumers are looking for alternatives to supplement their gas or electric heating. Couple that with growing awareness of how stretched the grid is and the increased possibility of more power cuts this winter, the option to use a highly efficient, low carbon and low emission wood burning stove to heat your main living space makes good (common) sense.”

Not only is this increase in sales good news for the savvy consumer, but it is also good news for the environment too. Feedback from the SIA’s retail network suggests that in most cases these new sales are a replacement for an existing open fire or a much older, very basic stove.

Andy added: “A modern, Ecodesign wood burning stove will emit up to 90% less PM than an open fire, and up to 80% less than a large number of older stoves. Sales of stoves during the latest quarter were almost exclusively Ecodesign models meaning that consumers are helping to cut carbon and particulate emissions from domestic wood burning, as well as reducing their heating costs.”

*Wood log and multi-fuel stoves. Figures do not include boiler stoves or pellet stoves.

SIA Top Tips

  • Choose an Ecodesign compliant wood burning stove such as a clearSkies certified appliance. If you currently use an open fire or an older, very basic wood burning stove, i.e. one that is 10 or more years old, consider upgrading. A modern Ecodesign compliant wood burning stove releases up to 90% less emissions than an open fire and can be up to 80% less than some older stoves. Your local SIA Retail Group member can help advise on the best stove for you and your family.
  • If you live in a Smoke Control Area , your stove will also need to be Defra exempt. All clearSkies Level 3 and above models are certified as Defra exempt.
  • Visit your local stove retailer for guidance on choosing the right size stove for your property and for a detailed installation quote. You can find your nearest SIA Retail Group member showroom here .
  • Ensure your stove is fitted and maintained by an appropriately qualified competent person such as one who is HETAS or OFTEC registered.
  • Ensure you use quality wood fuel. Look for the Ready to Burn logo to ensure your wood logs are at or below 20% moisture content. Never used chemically treated wood or burn waste on your stove.
  • Have your chimney swept at least once a year by a registered sweep. The Federation of British Chimney Sweeps has links to all the main sweep associations. Chimney sweeps are a valuable source of information for good practice and advice – and they are happy to engage and encourage you to “Speak to a Sweep”.
  • Keep your stove in tip top condition by having it regularly serviced.