Here are 7 easy décor pieces, for any space, and on a budget. If that is up your street, then follow along. 

These are the 7 to consider when building your space.

Accent Lighting/ Lamps

Sometimes people forget just how important lighting is. For example, when it is dark, you cannot see clearly without light. It is functional but it can also be aesthetically pleasing to look at. Light can be manipulated to create shapes and atmosphere in a space. Which in turn allows our perception of the space to change. Using lights like flood lights and track lighting for example can allow you to bring focus on a specific area, for object you want to focus on. Most accent lighting, like track lighting, can be found in your local B&Q or Ikea, if you love a day out, and price ranging from £10 to £50. Perfect options especially when working with a budget. Lamps on the larger scale should be used deliberately in the design of your space. Lamps which are the best for this are floor lamps as they are larger than your average table lamp but still have a purpose and function. They range in pricing, anything from £7 to £100. You can get lamps with stained glass shades, soft shades, and ones with no shades at all for a more industrial look.


Why not have a mirror in your space? They are good for reflecting natural light, which can brighten darker space in your home. You can check your lipstick sneakily while no one is watching to make sure you got the last of it off your teeth. Because I know some of you have done that! They are great for statement pieces and fill out some of the left space in a room. Especially good for bedrooms and bathrooms for more of a dramatic mirror but a hanging mirror can be incorporated easily into your design. I prefer more industrial style mirrors in a kitchen diner to give the illusion the space is much large than it is. You can pick up a mirror anywhere, antique shops are lovely places to get mirrors as well for a more vintage vibe. But there are different prices for different styles of mirrors, all from £10 to £150 for something larger, but if you wanted something as a statement then the price would increase again due to size and weight.


Who doesn’t love a good, fluffy rug? Like a sheep’s skin!  Well, you’d be surprised that there are some people who don’t! who knew. Anyway, a rug is one of the easiest staples for your home to either contrast against hard wood or tiles floor! Or you could try a Persian rug if a fluffy one isn’t for you, geometric and shaggy rugs. They are all great. Rugs are one of the more expensive options for décor in your home, but second hand is always an option. Look on places like eBay, Facebook or even some antique and charity shops. You would be surprised at what people drop off or donate. But to buy brand new does jump the price up a bit.


Candles are a girl’s best friend. Like whom doesn’t want to snuggle up with a candle going? Whoever you are, we need to talk. Candles are one of the best items for décor if you need space filler or going for more of a minimal look. Adding a simple candle to different surfaces like shelving, a coffee table or side table can make a massive difference to the room without you realising it. It also allows you to have a nice aroma in your space and to feel comfort and cosy. Some of the best candles are from PartyLite, whose products are so fragrant and beautifully packaged. They would make the perfect accessory in your homes.

With packaging varying between the different scents, you would be able to choose based on your style. PartyLite uses 100% soy wax in their BeBalanced range, which makes them non-toxic, they are cruelty free and include essential oils. Perfect for any time of day and any mood or occasion. They are a tad more expensive than your average B&M purchase but are around the same price as Yankee candles.  Yankee are a popular high street choice – but one that doesn’t bring the benefits of soy wax and hasn’t been designed with wellbeing in mind. Our favourite was the Be Relaxed Lavender + Patchouli Jar Candle with two wicks – we adore it!



These might be unnecessary to some people, but not me! I love a good throw, especially the ones made with more sustainable materials, like XV Stripes and Moral fibres. They make the perfect accent onto the edge of your sofa to add that warm and cosy feeling. Throws are less functional and used more for decoration that anything else, but through these you can add hints of different colours to contrast against your theme and what you’re currently working with.


Books are so undervalued when it comes to home décor. Like you got some spare shelves? Pop down to the charity shop and pick up a bunch for less than £5. Cheap and effective way to fill up unwanted empty space. It also makes it look like you read… which makes you look smarter. Who wouldn’t want that!  For all my book lovers out there, can we be friends? I need book recommendations ASAP! Also, none of you need to go the charity shop, we all known you have a TBR of books in a basket by your bed.


 Indoor plants are one of the best purchases you can make to fill out your space whether that is a living room, bathroom or even bedroom. I could not recommend enough, especially if you decide to get real plants! Plants are not only good for boosting your mental wellbeing and cleaning the air, but they are great décor items! The plant pots allow you to tie the plant in with your design style and theme, so they are all cohesive and fit together smoothly. They also allow for a pop of colour in your space which will either contrast against softer and more subtle colours or blend with the rich and pastel colour palette. It’s a win win situation if I’m honest.


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