I’m up in space, man!
Apologies if you now have Sam Ryder’s Eurovision anthem blasting in your head, but the latest collection from independent tile retailer Porcelain Superstore will have homeowners dreaming of a galaxy far far away.

Starburst is a terrazzo-effect tile inspired by outer space.

Available in four colours, Starburst’s textured surface features tiny specks of colourful shards, breaking up the matt finish like stars in the night sky.
Abbas Youssefi, Director of Porcelain Superstore, said: “You know that a tile inspired by outer space is going to be pretty special and Starburst is exactly that.
“It’s a modern take on a very classic tile trend. These hardy porcelain tiles have a real depth of colour, which makes the tiny terrazzo-inspired shards pop. This tile is going to be universally adored.”


These stunning porcelain tiles take traditional white and elevate it to the stars. Inspired by outer space, this unique take on classic terrazzo will get people talking. Starburst is made from hard-wearing porcelain, ensuring it is suitable for use on both walls and floors.

The gently undulating surface is embedded with distinctive specks in subtly differing colours, making the tiles look like they have been crafted from moon rock.
If you’re looking for a neutral shade that won’t completely fade into the background, these tiles are the ones for you. Their elegant matt ivory finish makes them a versatile option, ideal for a zen-like bathroom or an eye-catching feature wall when paired with another colour. They’re also suitable for floors, so they’re a great all-round product.

Steal the show with teal! Tap into the trend for green interior design with these eye-catching Starburst tiles in fashionable teal.
This unique take on traditional terrazzo has a soft matt finish which is as gorgeous to touch as it is to look at.
They’ll bring a calming ambience to your bathroom or add a vibrant flourish to your kitchen, thanks to their memorable hue and striking speckled pattern embedded across the surface.
These tiles not only look beautiful, they’re made with porcelain so they’re low maintenance and hard wearing. This means you can use them on both your walls and your floors, making them a versatile and long-lasting design solution.

Fusing expressive marble design with contemporary colouring, these tiles don’t shy away from making a statement. Simply put, there are a cut above the rest and their high-end Italian origins immediately stands out. Think Ferrari, not Ford.
We love the large-format sizing, which emphasises the exquisite details. Characteristic veins and swirls of precious natural stones will set the stage for all manner of luxury interiors – from bijou bathrooms through to fabulous family rooms.
The icing on the cake? That’s the intense bands of gold veining – together with the mirror-like surface, you’re guaranteed that glam, five-star finish.

For more information please visit: https://www.porcelainsuperstore.co.uk