Property is often described as the original alternative to equities and bonds, but over the last decade investors have been drawn to an increasing number of real assets, from communication towers to gas pipelines to toll roads.

CAMRADATA’s latest whitepaper on Real Estate examines if property can hold its own against these rival assets in an environment where socio-economic trends are increasingly shaping its future, and sustainability adding another twist of complexity.

This latest whitepaper offers insights from firms including Edmond de Rothschild, M&G Investments, M J Hudson, Quilter Cheviot and Redington who attended a roundtable hosted by CAMRADATA.

The report explores the challenges real estate faced during the pandemic years, its resilience and the impact of construction delays and rising inflation. It also looks at investing for the future including potential shifts in residential, office and retail because of changing needs, wants and also issues such as legislation to tackle global warming.


Natasha Silva, Managing Director, Client Relations, CAMRADATA said, “Many real assets compete to offer pension funds and insurers the same kind of reliable income streams with inflation-linkage that property does.

“Real Estate is also facing socio-economic pressures which are shaping its future, with high street and shopping centres having to adapt to the threat of the internet and the strength of the ‘evening economy’. Both residential and office complexes now have to acknowledge that working from home is not a temporary phenomenon.

“Also, whilst real estate was looked upon as a stable source of revenue, now every extant asset’s energy performance is an issue and every new-build’s social purpose a consideration. Investors are being asked to make society better with their capital.

“Our latest whitepaper offers valuable insight for investors, including where the opportunities and risks may lie in the future, and if property can retain its status as the original alternative to a portfolio of securities.”


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