Many people have the same problems in their homes, they think they don’t have enough storage space, this is especially true for homes with small bedrooms. However, there are a plethora of simple storage solutions you can choose from that can make a small bedroom work better for you, without forgoing style. 

Bedroom experts, Sonno have shared their top storage tips to find the right balance between practicality and style, which may also help improve your mood and sleep quality. 

Why improving the storage layout in your room can help you 

Not having enough storage space can create a stressful environment, as it often leads to a more ‘busy’ and untidy look. Whilst this doesn’t bother everyone a lack of storage can lead to a dysfunctional and overwhelming environment where it’s difficult to find things.

Visible clutter has also been known to make some people more anxious – not an ideal situation for a room that should give you a sense of calmness, to help you shut down and relax into a good night’s sleep. 

So, if you find yourself frustrated by a cluttered bedroom that lacks ample storage space, then adding in some simple storage hacks that maximise the space you have, could be the answer you’re looking for.

Think about what you need to store 

Firstly, it’s worth considering what items you need to store, to figure out the right storage solutions for your personal needs. For example, do you have loads of shoes but nowhere to put them? Perhaps you don’t have space for a large wardrobe? Maybe you have lots of small keepsakes but nowhere to put them? 

Once you’ve figured out what items you have to store, it’s worth looking at how often you need to be accessing your items. For example, if you have lots of clothes and shoes that are very seasonal, perhaps you could move your winter wardrobe into less accessible storage during summer, and vice versa with your summer clothes during the winter. The solution to this could be packing them away in vacuum bags and moving them into usually empty suitcases (perhaps moving them to your loft to create more space in your room). 

Consider whether your bed is being utilised well 

Beds take up the majority of space in our bedrooms and of course, picking one that matches your style is often the first thought we have when purchasing a bed. However, people often forget to consider if they need to use their bed for storage, whether now or in the future. 

Thinking about how you can use your bed to create additional space can be one of the most effective solutions. All those shoes you have with nowhere to put them? They’d fit perfectly in an ottoman bed – hidden away but easily accessible. These types of beds also have so much storage space, you can hide all sorts away – especially if you use simple storage hacks such as; vacuum bags, organiser boxes, folding spare bedding sets into a pillowcase (keeping it all together and taking up less space than just bundling it all in). 

There are plenty of other bed storage solutions too – such as divan beds that can come with 2-4 drawers. Don’t want to swap your traditional wooden or metal bed? There are plenty of specially designed, stylish under bed storage boxes available. 

Consider your wardrobe set up carefully 

A lot of standard wardrobes don’t maximise the space there is available, but there are plenty of clever hacks and wardrobe solutions on the market. So, whether you decide to purchase a whole new wardrobe or alter your current set-up so it works better – there will be something you can change. 

A great way to create more space for a fraction of the cost of having a custom-built wardrobe made for you, which is a tempting solution for many; is building our own modular wardrobe that fits onto your wall, using a kit that can be found in many DIY stores. This means you have total control over where you put everything and you’re not taking up additional space with the wooden casing of traditional wardrobes. 

Fitting stylish sliding doors (mirrored doors also help give the illusion of a bigger space) or a closet curtain are great ways to hide your items whilst needing minimal space to open them. 

Other clever hacks involve using space saving hangers or creating your own DIY versions, using shower curtain rings or S-shaped hooks onto a normal hanger, to store multiple items on one hanger – this can help clear draws and create more hanging space. 

Research the latest storage hacks for your needs

There are many DIY or storage items you can buy, tailored for very specific needs. Such as hinged mirrors to hide all your jewellery behind, or creative ways to store books, that look good and maximise space. Checking out the latest trends on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube are great places to look to spark your creative storage solution inspiration.

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