A-list celebs such as Justin and Hailey BieberNicole Richie and Kate Hudson are all jetting off to Greece for their summer holidays. Their lavish trips include visiting the popular destinations of Santorini and Mykonos, known for their bright white architecture and sparkling blue seas.

According to research by online furniture retailer, Furniture and Choice, online searches for the Mediterranean destination have more than doubled in July compared to the previous month, making Greece one of the most sought-after destination by Brits in 20211. 

With holidays still on the back burner for many, Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture and Choice, reveals her go to tips to get that Grecian feeling at home, inspired by Insta-worthy celeb holidays. 

Top tips to get the Greek holiday feel at home:

Revamp and rejuvenate 

It’s time to freshen up your interiors, so start simple and pick a colour scheme that is light and airy. Sky blue and white instantly spring to mind; think Santorini. Choose tables and glass wear that are along the same theme and bring in some beautiful artwork to tie it all together.

Let there be light

The key to feeling like you are on holiday is letting as much light into the space as possible. A minimalist space will instantly brighten the room and make it feel larger. Sheer curtains are also a great way to let all that sunlight trickle in, especially if they’re white. Opening windows and doors will bring a soft breeze into the space, reminiscent of a sea breeze. 

Weave in warmth 

Now you have your basics, you can start bringing warmth into the room with natural materials such as rattan. Rugs, baskets and outdoor furniture work best with these materials, and are easily maintainable. Ceramic vases and dinnerware are also a great way to subtly add some colour. 

Popping plants 

Plants, flowers and fruit are all an essential part of being on holiday, so don’t forget to bring them into the home. Think bursts of pink bougainvillea against whitewashed Grecian villas to bring a pop of colour and freshness to the space, whilst making you feel in touch with nature.  


Everyone has a scent they associate with being on holiday. Using candles, herbs and spices, you can fill your home with memories through the power of smell. For that Grecian vibe think heady herbs like basil, thyme and oregano, combined with vibrant citrus scents.  


Rebecca adds: “Everyone is desperate to jet off on holiday, but with various restrictions still in place and still some general trepidation around international travel, holidays abroad could very well remain on the back burner for many this year.  

“While there are a few things that can recreate the buzz of jetting off overseas, our homes always have the potential to bring us that gorgeous holiday feeling with the right interior design touches. Even if you simply incorporate one or two of these tips, combined with an at home Greek feast, your mind could be transported to an elegant Grecian villa in no time.”  

For more tips and advice on getting that holiday feeling at home, both with your home décor and your personal wellbeing, visit: https://www.furniturechoice.co.uk/inspiration/a-greek-staycation-how-to-bring-grecian-beauty-into-the-home_a10000222