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I have always loved flowers and their symbolism. Also I have a passion for Celtic design. This love has inspired me to paint my own lovespoon. This personalised painting shows a lovespoon which has two red hearts; they are universal symbols of love and beneath one of them is a graceful purple bow. As ancient symbols of unity, bows represent the things which tie us together.

Colourful flowers and leaves entwine through the design and on each side of the lovespoons there is a column if flowers hearts and bows, full of meaning. For many centuries, flowers have been used to express feelings as part of an unspoken language. The Victorians understood how to communicate in this way, with each flower telling a tale; a rose  for love, a forget-me-not for true love and memories.

The Celtic influence can also be seen in the design, with golden daffodils, bluebells and leaves completing  the picture. Each symbol expresses something different; flowers for courtship, leaves for love which grows and bells to represent marriage. Trelliswork  is a traditional Celtic pattern and the diamond means good fortune.

My lovespoon would  be an ideal gift to celebrate an anniversary, wedding, Valentines Day or any special occasion.

Hand painted 12″ x 10″ (30cm x 25cm) framed painting.

The painting can be personalised with a name of your choice using the ancient art of Calligraphy, to make a unique gift for a special occasion.

(*frame style subject to availability)


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